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  1. "WTH???" "Who shot me!?!" "Traitors! You shall all die by my-" "O SHI-"
  2. night sisters ruin a AT-AT's day though. D: those rancors are really hardy.
  3. not that i know of, since i pretty much send in the locals as cannon fodder
  4. for one the corvettes needs the ability to have a shorter time. having 11 laser cannons is no joke. looks like the crusader has turned into the Corellian corv in vanilla EAW. except it also has the ability to shoot down torps and missles as well. if petro wants to buff the ability to increase the rate of fire of the point defense, i think its only fitting they reduce the duration of the ability too. else the crusader would be kinda overpowered. especially of its 2 crus overlapping each other, wouldnt it turn into a barrier of sorts? a impenetrable barrier of a very limited time, ... ok. but for the current duration of the ability.. i think its gonna get a little ... interesting.
  5. the black market needs more benefits.... because right now... you only need to corrupt 2 planets of diff factions, each with black market, and you are all set.
  6. patch or not, the game still looks good. its enough in my books im only complaining about the b-wings ability being graphically reversed. it makes my screenshots QUALITY. D:
  7. i am not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the b-wing's lock foils ability has its graphics reversed. the wings are currently not in parellel with the ship when i use lock foils, and when i unuse it, the wings are parrellel XD shouldn't it be the other way round?
  8. i just got the game yesterday, will post some screens in due time watch this space EDIT: after playing a quick space game, i have gathered a couple of nice ones
  9. meh. skirmish ftw and about what DarthMaul said, thou should check Empires:Dawn of the modern world online functions. its also powered by gamespy, but because the game mechanics allows chatting on the main lobby even while in a rom, its great, perhaps EAW online should be centred around that.
  10. Well, i promised i will post a screenshot blitz, well i cannot find any new mods to play with atm, so im just stuck with EAW:TR Mod 2.1 also, for some reason after i installed the map editor, my lazers went all funny colored, but in anycase, as long as it deals damage, i dont really care
  11. heh, true to MP, but when you are up against a computer, anything is useful and i play EAW for the eye candy , not to win
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