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  1. whats' up with them? Tried to contact them but their mail server told me: <mediocre@mixnmojo.com>: This address no longer accepts mail. Tried to find their forum. Seems they don't even have one. anyone who knows? are they dead?
  2. Det tycker jag låter som en helkass idé... Ja, rent avskyvärd tillochmed. haha. Var får man tag i en sån dator? Jag trodde jag var tuff som har en C64.
  3. How about Maniac Mansion for NES in swedish?
  4. Quite some time ago I made a version of the MI theme and said I was going to record it with full instrumentation and yaddah yaddah yaddah... turns out i lied. That producion would be Impossible to squeeze into my busy schedule (I am a very important man) .... So today I called a good friend of mine and he came over to my school and we did a sloppy version instead.. Just guitar, Congas and xylophone (spelling?) .... I have never played a xylophone before... and we were hungry.. so .. no retakes it was. The whole mixing process got hasted too... This is not at all as true to the original as my last version... We played around a bit with rythm of the melody and the chords underneath it.... oh well... if anyone wants to host it just add me on Msn... my email is roll_ollon@hotmail.com
  5. the difference between a bunch of rotten samples triggered by a computer and a recorded orchestra (like in grim) is NOT negligg... whatever you said it was. I acutally think most people would agree. I have yet to hear one general MIDI module that isn't a total joke.
  6. There should be some kind of award... Kvasi-intellectual internet community of the year..... Mojo would win every year no doubt.
  7. Punishment, revenge and such also is stupid. "We need punishment too keep people from commiting crimes" seems to be the most common argument and it's just embarrasing (spelling?) since it's already proven that it does not work. In medieval times there were totally tortureish punishment for many crimes. Did people stop commiting crimes? I think most criminals are sure they are going to get away with it... And the rest don't have a choice. Nationalism and penalism must die.
  8. one of my friends has Maniac Mansion for NES in SWEDISH... Now that's rare.... He has the box too i think.
  9. Ar you guys talking about Existenz? that movie is totally cool. I wish I had a gun made out of weird fish. Uhm... Has anyone except me noticed how much the matrix has started sucking? I liked it the first couple of times I saw it but when I watched now the other day I realized that everything except the action is crap. Worst of all is the dialogue. EET EEZ SHEET! I guess I was stunned by the cool visuals when it was new.
  10. Punch: Pre-expire date middle-class Tetra Pak milk carton. "I wouldn't wanna do that. It might explode."
  11. There are, for me, only 2 reason to get a console. Tekken Tag tournament and Halo. Pay 350-400 bucks (that's what those things cost over here) for one game, and I can't have both since they're on different platforms, seems kinda stupid to me. I usually don't like console gaming. Too much "be fast enough" for me. Tekken is cool though since you can actually figure out the moves by just looking at them and thinking. As opposed to games like street fighter were the combinations seem completely random.
  12. Grrrrr i do whatever I want.. thanx for the compliment though.
  13. uhm..... As if slipknot and mushroomhead are similar to each other... Or what do you mean? Cause they're not... And yes- slipknot totally kicks ass.
  14. Okay... Seems like none of u guys like this kind of music but if you want to widen your perspective try Pantera! Bet you've heard them but didn't listen. Try Something from "the great Southern trendkill" "Suicide note prt.1" is a nice calm song. prt.2 is less calm but coll as well.. Best trash metal band ever! Mudvayne! Maybe you have heard them maybe not. Best nuMetal band around. probably the only really good one. try "dig", "death blooms", "prod" or "Nothing to gein". The roots! HIPHOP FOR YO MAMA! Best hiphop i have ever heard.
  15. Hmm. to make a non-modified star wars i would have to like to listen to the original or something... and then copy it. I did that with the monkey Island theme and it wasn't much fun... So I won't do it again. U GOT THAT?!
  16. It's short but nice (if yer stupid). Made it in like 2 hours. http://www.geocities.com/grillfestival/heh.mp3 This probably isn't very correct i just took the melody from memory and made up the rest myself.
  17. Well. It sure depends on what kind of music ye be wanting.
  18. ACtually the polycount was way higher... But still Grim fandango looked better in many ways.... Also Anti-aliasing worked properly in EMI.
  19. http://newbie.tscentral.net/images2/deadcareer.jpg
  20. I think the discussion wether guitarists can play a bass guitar or not is kind of stupid. Any theoretically trained musician can play pretty much any instrument if you give him/her about an hour to get to know the instrument. Not saying that the person will be a good player. >Anybody ever tried a fretless bass or guitar? I've heard it's >fiendishly difficult because you have to put your fingers exactly >where the frets would be rather than in between them. I've tried playing a Six-stringed frettless bass. It's not that hard. Different but not very hard. No classical string instruments have any frets and I don't see anyone saying that the violin ish arder to master than the guitar. >I've found out something interesting while looking at some >guitar/bass sites. The guitar sites tend to mainly have tabs and >little or no music theory or technique, but the bass sites tend to >have a lot of music theory aswell. >Perhaps more bassists want to be serious musicians? I know >there a lot of people who want to learn to play a few songs on >guitar just to show off. This I agree with. Many guitarists just pick up a guitar and start learning for themselves and diss theory. Of course they can do it that way if they want to but they're hardly going to become great writers or players.
  21. I got one... I wrote in the geustbook of a local bands site.... They thought it was mine... They're stupid.... or it.
  22. Actually... GF was designed in a way that prevented that from happening... I never felt that manny did things on his own.
  23. Cool! I really love it when people appreciate my work. I'm currently working on enhancing the ending. I probably won't even start recording untill winter and the recording might take a while then comes mixing and mastering which doesn't take as long as recording but still. Don't expect to hear the finished version before spring. heh.
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