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  1. It would be great to see Lando in the game.But id also like to see some of the characters from kotor.Like IK wanna see Darth Revan as a hero(with mask) and Carth and other Kotor characters.
  2. Actualy I wouldnt wanna be just a plane stormtrooper.Id be a commando.They get more action.Still on tatooine.
  3. The More Kills the better.I like Gammoreans they make a good challenge.
  4. Welll I wanna ask you guys a question.In any army of in the StarWars Galaxy hwta army would you join?What would you be in that army?and why?4 example: Army:Imperials Rank:Storm Trooper Stationed on:Tatooine I woulkd do this cause the empire looks cool and they have very strong forces.Tatooine is my favorite planet in the SW Galaxy. (You may even use n army like Jabbas BountyHunters or The Mandalorians or any other planetary force)
  5. well you guys are forgetting bout an important chracter.Count Dooku.you can play as him on Geonosis and he has mad good skills.I kick alot of ass with him.
  6. Hes got a point SWBF3 should have old republic stuff like old sith soldiers,mandalorian armies and heros such as Revan,Malak,and Canderous.also they should put in 2 maps of Taris.Taris when its fine and when its in ruins.
  7. Ok guys this takes place right after the Yuzhong vong war.After the war,Boba Fett flies to hisback to the mandalorian homeworld where he goes to make an army.He informs them about the cloning facility on Kamino so the mandalorians go there and clone themselves.Now theres a whole army of mandalorians alot stronger than the stormtroopers.Ok k guys Im gonna need a luke Skywalker,Han Solo,Jacen Solo,Leia,Jaina Solo,7 elite jedis,and 10 elite mandalorians.Well i will be boba Fett so guys help me finish but 1st gimme your character.
  8. Well i you wanna join a clan I reccomend you should join AX.They are thr strongest clan in the game.If you like playin siege then join MPK clan but they arent that strong.If you like kotor alot than join (KC) clan.But here some clans that you shouldent join.Dont join ->GoD<-clan.They are F*ckin nubs and they think they own 50 percent o every server.WaRRiors clan use to be strong but they lost alot of members.
  9. Revan is suppose to be a male if they do make kotor movies Dude look not 2 different story lines for revan and exile.ONE storyline about him.where Revan is a male and he joins the dark side.
  10. Canderous should live.But I think that Atton should die.And this might seem VERY sad but HK and T3 should get blown up.
  11. Well Id like to see Canderous return because hes cool.Id also like to see Revan(Dark) and the exile(Light).I was thinkin you can choose who to join ad depnding on that is dtermines who you get as a party member.Bastila has to return.Maybe should meet a new woman in the game that you have sex with too.But I dont want anyone returning rom kotor 2 accept for The Exile and Mandalore.Kreia was a F*ckin nag.Atton was always a pussy.And the others in da game were wierd.And please leave Juhani from kotor1 out.I cant understand what shes f*ckin sayin.
  12. Well I know that the star wars movie series are over.But I was thinkin Kotor is such a great game they shuld make it into movies.I was thinkin 3 trilogies since the games of kotor are a lil long.Triligy on kotor 1 where revan joins dark.trilogy in kotor 2 where exile joins light.and I dont know about the 3rd.What do you think?
  13. Well most of you read my thread about what kind o alien would you wanna be.So now i wanna know what kind o droid you would wanna be and why.I would wanna be an HK uit because they good at serving and goood assasins.
  14. [dammit guys I mean a starwars alien.Not a human.I said alien for a reason.I would want to be a human too but the question was what starwars ALIEN would you wanna be and why.so what would you be besides humans
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