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    I'm an enormous fan of the Star Wars films. The teachings of the Force have helped shaped me into what I am today.
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  1. AWESOME!!! Much gratitude, Dark Phantom; thanks for the help! I hope to see you on the Battlefront...
  2. Tunngle installed. SWBF1 installed. I've played my first multi-player game in 8 years... Is there a scheduled plan for a group of gamers to play soon???
  3. So... After clearing-up a few issues with my PC, I was able to finally get Tunngle up and running, and played a quick multi-player game online yesterday afternoon... For those who have not seen it themselves, do know that IT IS TRUE! There ARE people playing SWBF1 online! AND there are even servers hosting mods-- which is exclusively what "The New Renaissance of SWBF1" was all about! (Back in the day, in 2005-2006, you couldn't find any servers hosting mods, thus my idea to create The New Renaissance... I hosted only mod-maps and used freewebs.com/weBF as the server name, so that players could go to the site and download all the maps & mods needed to join the games I was hosting that week.) Anyways, although I haven't maintained the website in almost a decade (however, it IS still active), and although I've retired from gaming, I am VERY much interested in some multi-player Battlefront. I'm not active in the gaming community, and am unaware of any communities of gamers for SWBF1, so if you know of any forums or websites where people gather to organize SWBF1 games, please reply here and leave the deets. Thanks again!
  4. First, I'd like to say that it's quite a treat to see sites like this still up and running with people actually visiting (or moderating) every so often. Thanks to everyone responsible for keeping it all operational and cleaned-up tidy. So, in realizing that the ol' "Gamespy" is no longer active, thus leaving me (and SWBF1 players everywhere) unable to play online, I just downloaded Tunngle, which is a similar program that (apparently) allows SWBF gamers to link-up for online gaming using the "LAN" option of their SWBF game. Anyhow... Does anyone still play online??? How often and when???
  5. It's Friday today... Are these games still happening??? I'm a huge fan of the original SWBF1, and I'm excited to know that my ol' gaming buds & I can play this again online! I just installed Tunngle, loaded-up my ol copy of Battlefront and dropped-in my old gaming folder (my old profiles & such, saved after all these years), and am ready to bring the thunder! You still play? What are the deets?
  6. EXCELLENT, Niner 777! Then I hope to finally join you for some good battles! Now might be a good time to visit the website of THE NEW RENAISSANCE, where you'll find the custom map list we're playing currently, details on how to handle large groups of mods easily and efficiently, etc. WOW! It's been since EARLY MARCH that we've been tossing this idea around... since this thread began. It'd be great to see you finally. I-- too-- wish to play with large groups of others... as do all the OTHER people who, just like you, WOULD play SWBF1 online if only the other players (just like them) would come online to play, too. Someone's got to start. There's LOTS of talk about that, here, in the forums. (There'd be more, but-- for some unknown reason-- at least one of the moderators here has deleted QUITE a frew of my threads that show such support for SWBF1) Slowly, the SWBF1 servers HAVE been noticing an influx of gamers... The New Renaissance is still at it's dawning. As for the issues in need of solving: Every game has them, and I think that even those gamers who are devoted to SWBF2 will agree... SWBF1 actually has less bugs than SWBF2... alot less. It's been no seceret how many corners were cut when LucasArts and/or Pandemic released SWBF2, and it's no secret how many issues were left unaddressed when the patch was finally released. If you change your mind, and decide to ever try the original again online, I hope to see you in the galactic Battlefront.
  7. Glad to know that actually played a role in getting an answer! LOL Thanks for answering, John Locke. As you may (or may not) know, the server I was offered never came through. In early June, when I first made the post here, I assumed the offer that was made to me on the forum of The New Renaissance was genuine. Though the person has disappeared, never to be heard from since. I had suspected that the game crashes I was having were likely from fellow gamers attempting to join the game WITHOUT having all the mods installed properly. Your informative reply gives some validity to my suspicions. Thanks.
  8. Yes? No? Maybe? My buddy seems to also have this issue with certain mods, as well-- like the new Tatooine Fueling Station mod for SWBF1 that just came out on 4 or 5 weeks ago. Not alot of water on that level, but-- for HIM anyways-- the ground appears as just a black sheet of nothingness, I guess. Anyone know anything about this wierd gaming-bug?
  9. Still have it, still respect it but don't play it... I just can't get enough of the original award-winner, SWBF1, which-- to me-- seems smoother, more realistic (like I'm IN a Star Wars movie, and not a cartoon game), and with fewer bugs and technical drawbacks.
  10. WHAT COMMENT??? WHAT FLAME??? I aimed at nobody. The absolute worst thing I've said, here, is that to argue against the documented statistics on this thread is as futile as it is stupid. If you honestly believe that arguing is going to change the statistics, then you may do so WITHOUT me. In my words there were no targets, no flaming, no ridicule, and no inappropriateness. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but it simply IS futile to argue against statistics. The only people who would, are those who want to split hairs... 5%... 9%... Of course it's going to fluctuate as time passes, Commander Obi Wan. I don't know about you, but for ME to argue this any further is stupid... as I said before. Ummmmm... YES. It IS my favorite of the two. To "correct" me about my own opinion is not only "inappropriate", but it's as futile as it is... Oh, forget it. And by the way-- I KNOW there's a big bunch of Star Wars fans out there who KNOW why I chose those words in my original posting of them. "The rebels have been alerted to our presence. Admiril Ozzell came out of light-speed too close to the system." ~ "He... He felt surprise was wiser..." ~ "He is as clumsy as he is stupid." ....................... Darth Vader, Sith Lord, and ....................... General Veers, conversing, Episode V Be mindful, though, that UNLIKE Vader, I did not call anybody stupid... just the CONCEPT of arguing over something so trivial. My goodness! Somebody didn't take thier nap today! ???!!!??? O.K. That's my cue. If you choose to fight it'll be amongst yourselves. I can no longer intefere. All opinions are OPINIONS... and all opinions are valid. I leave in peace.
  11. I'm so utterly tired of people creating conflict when none should exist. What comments aren't welcome? Factual statements? I assume you made this thread with a poll for the purpose of accruing facts. Now you're suggesting that the observation OF those facts isn't welcome? Firstly, I didn't offer much of a discussion because the nature of this thread was to ask which of the two games people prefer... I didn't know you wanted this to be another "My Game Is Better Than Your Game" bashing brawl. Secondly, I'd love to hear how in the world you percieved ANY of my words to ridicule ANYONE of thier opinions. Was it when I asked that "we remember that everyone's opinion is equally valid, and there is no "right" from "wrong"", or was it when I disolved TKA-001's cynicism by reminding everyone that "there is no lack of logic in anyone's reason to do something that brings them joy."? Forget it. It's a rhetorical question. I think you and I have both expressed our true intentions, here. Oh geesh! Come ON, Machine Cult! By, like, a FIVE PERCENT MARGIN! Wow, Dude... you're, like, RE-E-E-E-EALLY reaching right now. No... YOU'RE arguing about two different games. I'm merely speaking in a way that gives validation to all opinions-- or to "both sides", for those who want to see this as some sort of "fight". I cannot deny your experience, nor your opinions. Be that as it may, I actually have recognised most of the facts you cited in comparing the two, and-- as far as objective facts go-- I agree with you. It IS a shame that both are not availible together in one game, isn't it? The sprinting is what I like the best from SWBF2 (besides the skins, which do not actually affect gameplay, and which can be added to SWBF1 with the use of mods). But despite how much I may prefer sprinting over splash-damage, I still continue to find SWBF1 extremely exciting, and smoother to play. It is my favorite of the two. Machine Cult-- you KNOW I can babble, and write extensively in great detail. I didn't offer much of a discussion (initially) so as to avoid clogging up what I considered an excellent thread. I'm actually quite impressed that it made it this far before people started swinging fists. The comparison list is far too extensive to get into. Various people have already listed most of the greatest factual differences (as opposed to personal opinions only). I cannot argue these facts because... well... they're facts... so, naturally, I percieve them as such. Truly, there are a few TERRIFIC improvements that SWBF2 has over SWBF1. The game modes are a sweet addition. And I think that the graphics (the skins, the play of shadow and light for 3-Dimentionality, etc.) of SWBF2 are superior-- though I prefer the animation (the actual camera and unit movement) of SWBF1. There's a feeling that SWBF1 evokes... I feel like I'm actually IN the Star Wars universe, fighting on the Battlefronts! Despite (or perhaps because of) the speed and frenetic energy of SWBF2, it (SWBF2) just feels too "gamey"... too computerey or cartooney, by comparison. I KNOW it's a game for evey second that I'm playing it. Oftentimes, however, when I'm playing SWBF1, I can suspend my disbelief enough where I oftentimes FORGET I'm playing a game, and it feels more like I'm actually IN a Star Wars movie. To me-- those moments are really, really exciting! I get alot of joy and laughter from a good game of the original... probably because I love the movies so much. Those people who love computer games in general MORE than they like the Star Wars movies probably like SWBF2, because it IS the faster, flashier, glitzier game.
  12. If you're refering to more bugs, cartoonish animation, unrealisticly dizzying movement, and retarded AIs as being an "overall improvement", then I agree with you. Let's all take a moment, now, to remember that everyone's opinion is equally valid, and there is no "right" from "wrong". Also, there is no lack of logic in anyone's reason to do something that brings them joy. BOTH games have thier advantages and disadvantages over the other one. There is no better One. Half the people prefer SWBF1. The other half prefer SWBF2. To argue this fact is as futile as it is stupid.
  13. EXCELLENT TOPIC, Machine Cult! And just look at the poll results!!! Here's what baffles me, guys... Why is it that the poll count AND the general consensus here in forum both show that clearly HALF of the players here actually PREFER Battlefront 1, yet there are cobwebs and tumbleweeds in the SWBF1 public servers by comparison to the gazillion players on the SWBF2 servers? I've noticed this on other website's forums, too... That more and more people are realizing thier devotion and yearning to play THE original, award-winning Star Wars Battlefront (as opposed to the SEQUEL to the award-winning Star Wars Battlefront). Slowly, more people DO seem to be returning to the servers of SWBF1. But, my brethren of the Galactic Battlefront-- it has been a very, very slow return. I've BEEN playing nothing BUT the original, SWBF1. So I'm actually quite excited to hear that so many of you are "tempted" to get back into SWBF1... But I wonder why it is that so many players haven't yet...
  14. Hmmmph... I wish I knew more about this stuff. I wonder if your computer needs a wee-bit more memory... What I DO know is that if your computer bogs down or gets choppy when there's alot of action going on simultaneously (lots of players, lots of AIs, explosions, etc.), the problem may well disappear if you increased your systems memory by a lil' bit. But I don't know, really. Perhaps the answer already exists (or will soon exist, if you ask) in the Technical Support forum. Or here, if someone posts some insight or helpful advice. I wish you good fortune, none-the-less.
  15. Oooo... Ummm... That might be, like, never. Seriously. I'll eat my hat if they make the 1.3 "official". As far as lag goes... I'm not a computer expert, but I've got a gamer friend who is who tells me that lag isn't so much a game-related issue as much as it is a connection/bandwidth issue. If you decide you wanna play "the best" of what's currently availible, feel free to ride with us upon the spearhead of The New Renaissance.
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