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  1. I was reading the Team 17 forums the other day and I had exactly this thought. I was in fact going to investigate what exactly was different in W:A.. but then I got bored and ate some cake. But you know how we tend to always play with Super sheep = Aqua sheep and... uh... some others, are those options available in WA? Even losing that, the benefits seem to totally outweigh the losses. 1920x1440. ohhhhhhhhh man.
  2. In Britain, the asylum seeker problem is made out to be so much worse than it is. Britain has problems, but it's so much easier to just blame foreigners than actually address them.
  3. There have to be decisions based on what is ultimately practical. Some tighter legislation on gun ownership would make sense. But allowing people to slowly kill themselves and everyone around them has no benefit whatsoever, and an outright ban would only improve the health of society.
  4. The deadline is 2030. If we haven't seriously curbed our CO2 emissions by then, we'll be incurring irreversible damage. And the world is basically looking at the US, the largest consumer of fossil fuels.
  5. Well, there's already warning labels on cigarettes, alcohol adverts implore you to "drink responsibly", you can't drive a car without a liscence, you can't fly a plane without a liscence, and you can't own a gun without a liscence - and it's pretty damn hard to get a liscence anyway. Fatty foods is the only that isn't really addressed by the government, but considering the growing problem of child obesity it's only a matter of time before they do.
  6. Evolution is a fact (and a theory). In the case of evolution, the following phenomena are involved: # That life appeared on earth more than two billion years ago; # That life forms have changed and diversified over life's history; # That species are related via common descent from one or a few common ancestors; # That natural selection is a significant factor affecting how species change. They are all facts. Evolution can effectively be simplified into these three statements: # Organisms vary # All organisms overproduce # Some variability is inherited All three have been proven, all three are facts. Evolution is fact. 'Natural selection', however, is a theory, amongst many many others in evolutionary biology. The real scientific debate is about how evolution occurs, not whether it does. Creationism doesn't offer any irrefutable predictions, and any it does offer have already been disproven. So Creationism isn't even a theory. It's an opinion, at best.
  7. It's all about the election. Labour has got the moderates' vote, as well as die-hard Labour voters. Conservatives don't really have a chance in appealing to moderates, so now they're trying to appeal to right-wing extremeists, that would otherwise vote for UK Indepdence Party or the BNP or some such. This may well work, but it won't win them the election. The biggest problem is really that the numbers simply don't add up. Send asylum seekers elsewhere? Where exactly? To countries closer to their country of origin? They are often terribly poor countries and they take on many refugees already. Spreading asylum seekers around does make sense, and it's exactly what the EU are going to do.
  8. The purpose of the government is to protect its citizens. Even from themselves.
  9. Bacteria and fungi are alive. Trees are alive. Plants are alive. Flowers are alive. An amoeba is alive. They are all living organisms. And so is a foetus. It is a living organism. But it is not human life, so destroying it is not murder.
  10. A foetus is alive, it is a living organism. The question is whether it is human life, which it most certainly isn't. Aborting a foetus is just like taking antibiotics to kill bacteria.
  11. Why is the poll closed? Quake Quake Quake
  12. Make sure you choose a good topic. That makes or breaks an iSketch game.
  13. Totally count me in. Decide on a date and time, and anything else that people need to know, and I'll stick it on the MIGC page. I should write up a "how to isketch!" tutorial, too.
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