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    KOTOR Fanatic, member of the M4-78 Enhancement Project (I'm a voice actor in it)
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    Pasadena, MD(Nar Shaddaa East)
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    Telos Restoration Project Server
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    United States Coast Guard
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    The Old Republic
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    Tie Fighter
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  1. I need to send you an email, but I will do a brief response here... Yeah, I was a Czerka Guard in the lower levels in BoS:SR. Just a few lines, and not my best work, but I wasn't understanding s9's direction and as a result he wasn't getting what he wanted. I have more experience now, although I prefer directing the VO.... I got good results in that regard with my j7 collaboration on the Sith Stalker Endar Spire add-on for Force Fashion.... Have you seen that little mini-mod?

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