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    Martial Arts, Football, Sci-Fi, CRPG's
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    Pan left, tilt up, two turns of spot...
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    KotOR awww yeah
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  1. I think it may be an Ord Mandell conflict, as I also am having an unstoppable crash in that section of the mod.

  2. "Rece" uses a Mac. That might explain his BOS problems.

  3. Always good to see you, Glenn! Merry Christmas! :D

  4. I'm haunting you!!!


    (If you get the reference.)

  5. Hey Glenn! Hows you? Hows life?Hope your well bud! You should see me back around here and DS. Lets get Force Fashion K1 finished! You should see some updates in the thread in the next few days! Sorry I've hardly been around, my dads really sick (needs a lung transplant) and I've also been ill! GB j7

  6. Dog dry hump your leg, dirty heathen!

  7. Hey - check deadlystream when you get a chance.

  8. Hey, sorry its been an age! Send me the files! Really looking forward to testing and finally releasing FFK1! GB j7

  9. Hey, did you get a chance to check it out

  10. Sounds good. I've kind of already gotten a way to break them up, if you could get on hssiss around 7:00 PM Pacific time tomorrow, I can explain it in better detail.

  11. Hey there!


    Long time... I have done some work on the scripting, and think we have things pretty well ironed out... Drop me a line! Test it!


    Hope you are well, and that RL has not been smashing you!

  12. Hey, if you get a chance, check out Khrizby's WIP thread. Not sure if I am on the right page on this one...

  13. hanging out at hssiss atm, working on your script.


    i am going to look at the talk-fight-talk tutorial again... i think it may be the answer here, as well as using the dialog editor to break things up into several smaller scripts rather than one big ring to rule them all


    EDIT: the talk-fight-talk sequence tutorial is excellent for this. we can apply the looping dead animation when the leader gets < 10 hp (while making him also immortal so he cannot "die").

  14. Yeah, thanks, I was kind of hoping someone else might pick that up as I gone about as far as could in helping him on that issue. As to "seeing" 40......that'd be Q, he'd just had a Bday (#39) and I'd acknowledged that on his profile page (guess sabre/mim/whomever... dropped the bday thread ball on that one). As for me, won't be hitting lvl 40 on any (new) games before march.

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