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    KOTOR Fanatic, member of the M4-78 Enhancement Project (I'm a voice actor in it)
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    Pasadena, MD(Nar Shaddaa East)
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    Telos Restoration Project Server
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    United States Coast Guard
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    The Old Republic
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    Tie Fighter
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  1. Nope, not released yet, although we shared it with a few folks so they could see what we were doing... My girlfriend voiced the Stalker, and did quite a good job IMO. I think j7 will release FFK1 as soon as I get off my butt and send him the new scripts for the Endar Spire - adding a footlocker and spawning a few more baddies to fight. As for the other part of your mail, I have not installed yet; I just got home from the beach :D

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