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  1. Ya I ment DF sry, and about not using the assests of jk, we arnt, we mostly plan on remaking it, but also using ALOT of mots's resources as templates. Just watch and see and you'll be surprised. http://s15.invisionfree.com/MOTS_Mod/index.php?act=idx
  2. *ahem* Hows everyone doin eh? Idk by reading if sharing resources is a good thing or not for you guys, personally idC, it would be cool, and if not we would live and get it done. I think theres alot on everybody's plate atm, and maybe sharing RSs would be a good thing I guess. I would really like talking with all the leaders or w/e, discussing a very big plan for all of us ppls. Anyway im on MSN alot of anyone would ever like to contact me, and as mr.temp gave you guys the forum address, feel free to check it out. My msn is bleedingsepher@hotmail.com, and yes im the leader of the Mysteries Of the sith mod.
  3. Hey guys, Jedi Knight and MOTS was 2 of the best games I ever played, I was playing DF2 mod for JA and thought man I wonder what it would look like with the maps of MOTS in the JA engine? So here it is, the Mysteries Of the Sith TC, now It is only me sofar that is on the team, so in other words Im recruiting to see if anyone would like to join the team!! You dont have to be a perfect modder, mapper, or skinner, just have the will and eager ness to see it get done!! So plz if you would like to help out with the mod, plz let me know via this forum my forum or xfire. thank you guys! xfire: KAUS Forums:http://WWW.21stNovaCorps.proboards56.com
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