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  1. hi! idk if you realized about it... but this is the part of the lucasforums that is dedicated to JK... you do play JK, right? if so, feel free to add me to your msn/aim and we shall have a game
  2. oh, if you don´t have the mod yet, I recomend you to try it, you can download it from http://www.massassi.net there you can find the sbx bullet time that is pretty good too
  3. Guys, I´m starting a chanel to play JK with the SBX mod in mIRC on the server irc.holonet.org , the chanel is #jk_sbx . I think it´s the best way to play JK and I sometimes I can´t find anyone to play with, even when I know that many people like it. That´s it, I hope to meet you soon.
  4. Hey, i´ve been in mirc and in jkdf2.net, but i still think this is a great idea because I can´t find always people willin to play there If you wanna play reg JK or SBX let me know. Otherwise you can find me often in the jk dedicated server (jkdf2.net) Messanger: hyde_jk@hotmail.com Mail: "
  5. -------------- Here is the problem, you have to download the level that´s needed by the server. when you select the sbx game, it tells you what is the level that it uses. You can download it from http://www.massassi.net I Hope I find you around some time, I love sbx, maybe you can e-mail me to hyde_jk@hotmail.com and play it Good Luck
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