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  1. Single player the game is flawless. On local LAN connections, or at least the last time I played that way it was also flawless. That in itself gives me an idea, I should try a local LAN game again and play through to see what happens. It will occur on multiple servers. It has on less than a handful of rare occurances played normally online for me. Where at the end of the battle the stats screen will appear at let me continue on to the next map. However that is very rare. To clarify: the game will never quit on its own. And in fact it isn't would I would classify as a typical crash. It will happen right at the end of the match with either Victory or Defeat. The connection icon will start flashing and I'll have but a few seconds to react and try make it to the game menu before it stops responding to input. Even if it does stop responding, any on screen graphics will continue to act normal. For example if I'm near a capture point, the symbol will keep twirling round and round. So I suppose its not really freeze crashing in the traditional sense. However if I don't act quickly and get to the quit menu to quit back to the main menu I'll end up having to minimize and End Task the game to get out of it. I have never lost connectivity to the Internet during such an event. And in fact while the program is unresponsive and flashing the disconnect icon at me, the activity lights of my router and modem continue to flash as though I were still communicating perfectly fine with the server. It almost seems to me as though the packet(s) that says "Ok this map is done, move on to the stats screen and next map" don't make it to me. I have no idea if other players continue to see my name on the playerlist on the next map (or at least until I end up having to hit End Task).
  2. So I'm trying to play online, and once I find a server with decent lag it runs quite smoothly. That is until the end of that match. As soon as I get to the end of a match I'm presented with a flashing disconnect button on the lower right hand side of the screen and the game seems to freeze up. I end up having to minimize to desktop and end task the game. Obviously this isn't a great way to play online. I'm running the DVD version patched to 1.1, although this same issue existed with 1.0. I'm running on an AMD 64 4000+ with 1GB Dual Channel RAM. The graphics are being genereted by an Asus X1800 XL PCI-E video card. Also I'm on a high speed cable internet connection. I'm not sure if any other details would be relevant, but feel free to ask if I've left something out. Has anyone encountered this before and was able to find a corrective fix. It would be rather nice to be able to enjoy the online aspect of this game. Thanks of any help, and triple thanks if it's the solution!
  3. If that was about Total Annihlation, I have this to say: I cannot comment on whether or not is was true 3D or merely 2D made to look 3D. However I can say with 100% certaintly that it was not a MAC only game. I own both it and the Core Contingency expansion for my PC. Haven't played it in years, but one thing that game was awesome at was large scale battles. Something Empire at War could excel at as well if it would add more units, a much higher population cap, and of course much larger maps.
  4. I don't suppose anyone has tried getting this game to run over VPN created LANs using software like Hamachi and ran into any success? Ya don't know if ya don't ask.
  5. I'm far from an expert on the subject, but I remember reading somewhere out there that the more of the same building you have, the less time it takes to do things. So having two research facilities on the same planet would allow for faster Tech research (Empire). Someone out there yell at me if this is wrong. Therefore one could think that having more than one superweapon would reduce the cycle time between shots, just as the more bombers you have in orbit the faster you can do bombing runs.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm brand new to these forums, but certainly not new to the Star Wars Universe! I just picked up this game less than a week ago, and loving it so far. I'm playing through the Rebel campaign and I had a little bit of fun recently; I captures Mon Calamari with R2 & C3PO! Basically the native population went in an uproar and took out the Imperials. Took a fair bit of time and at times I didn't think I was going to pull it off, but I did. Got some caps, nothing quite as fancy as the other caps in this thread but it's a place for me to start. Maybe this isn't anything special and someone's done it before, but as I said I'm new to this community. I wonder if there are other planets to try this on...
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