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  1. the lightsaber from this video aignt gameplay this is cinematic , choregraphed combat.. you can see some lightsaber combat in this video , something about 20 sec of vader but very similar from SWBFII.
  2. no its not fake or a joke. http://kotaku.com/5131846/leaked-star-wars-battlefront-3-gameplay-footage?skyline=true&s=i enjoy.
  3. Nah I still think , I'm the badess on that forum. Just trying to show some idea's that I collected from years of desapointment playing some ****y MMOs and some lifeless RPGs. You know when back in the day we wer kids and we wer saying , If game could be that way or could have some stuff. The passion never left me .
  4. only took me 25 to 30 min to do I'm also passionate about kotor and you have almost 5 000 more post compare to me. when I'm posting something I try my best to make worth it.
  5. ========================= 10-Quest / Mission system I'm having alot of faith in BioWare to make a very strong story line that could push the players into very important quest that could have a collective impact on the current state of the game. Example all the quest we done for the Republic raise a invisible bar that if its maxed then the total faction gain a bonus in something like 20 % less cost from merchant because we protected some trade routes. or we did an Assault on a jedi enclave so we gain extra item from the merchant that wasn't available . then after a time the bar reset to 0. Here a new idea , how about the players could give quest? the players could set bouthy on players by using a terminal or a npc and set a rewards. ========================= 12-Planets (the world) All the planet from kotor 1 and 2 exept the one who have been destroyed of course. I'm done for now , I'm dying to know what you guys think about it , I'm all aware that my post wont change anything and its may have been to late for that game but , I'm trying to show some stuff that could be cool and could be added in future sequel . Also if you liked my work and want to support me , please pm me using the forum ill link you to my post on the official kotor mmo where I posted this maybe if many like my idea or give their idea maybe the dev could consider somes. DarthZayne
  6. ========================= 9-Items and Equipments and design. Just having some acurate desing from the past game and comic books on how the item and Equipment should look could be perfect. Example during the Kotor era jedi and sith not only wear robe but also some medieval armor here an example. in comic book here the Exar Kun armor now ingame sorry to the BioWare designers but the ingame desing compare to the real desing is awful here Ulic Qel Droma armor from the comic and here ingame terrible , I just dont want everybody running arround with the same armor design but just in a different color , I'm sure you agree with me.
  7. 7-Community Features (Stop "been a nobody" in a mmo) its again just example and I devide them by factions. Arena : Like I said , you could be an arena champion by defeating at firce npc champions , because at the start no player own the title and then challenge the player who owns the tittles. Ground: you could also be a Sith Lord and a Jedi head concil by winning ground battles. for other class like mercenary they can earn the tittle pirate or hunters something like that. Space : and you could be an Admiral or a Fleet commander. What you get by earning titles ? exclusive equipement and also exclusive stuff that you can buy from marchant exactly like in Kotor 1 when you became the arena champion. how do you lose your titles ? by dying or losing during the arena and battle circle. for the space and ground its the samething if you die you lose your title so a player can hold his title if hes good enough. ========================= 8-Economies , Trade system , selling system and loots. Serriously the economie shouldn't be based on rare weapons kinda like wow, but more on the current credit that should be able to buy anything at a price of course . and for the Trade System the players shouldn't be able to trade to different species and factions to balance the server and the players to prevent power leveling and abuses. For the loot system its should be based on how good you performed , kinda like Warhammer while you get a roll number and a contribution number on how you performed . example you did very well and you finished 1st in contribution you get a +1000 and you roll a 500 so = 1500 then a pretty bad performance from another player wich doesn't have a high bonus doesn't have any contribution point but does roll pretty high 1400 he became second who gonna loot.
  8. ========================= 4-Player Vs Player , modes Player vs player is very important in a mmo and its has to be good and fun and not repetitive putting some complex dept in could make it fun and made the player to invest more time building their character and making interesting item and stats build and also class mix. here my ideas or pvp mode that could be good. Arena : exactly like in kotor 1 , they could had prize and also the players could be champions and challengers so the player stop been a nobody by gaining Title in the game I talk more about that in division 6 of this concept. And I know how it could work , if someone earn the champion title and someone challenge the guy , the champion can only be challenged once a week so the player champion receive a ingame mail or something that he has to fight in the arena at a fixed time and if the player doesn't show up then loose automaticly. I know what you gonna say , some player will play at different time and wont be able to face each other , but if you want to be a champion then you will play enough to get the title right? and plus the sever should be dived from player location so you wont have players from ***an playing players from US. neutral players could bet money on fights so its could drop the economy of the server a bit and also make the champion famous and bring something to the game. Battle circle : A little similar as the Arena but once your a ranked fighter if someone challenge you , you can make your battle rules ( can be some preset rules like guns only or no item , no armor) Duel's : kinda like World of Warcraft you can challenge someone but only in non neutral zone , because its kinda anoying moving around in towns and you got 20 guys dueling each others and its make the most concentrate zone very laggy. Duel should be only in contested zone that could balance the solo players to , example a bounthy hunter encounter a group of jedi , the bounthy hunter challenge 1 jedi , the jedi accepte so a scripted mode trigger so the other jedi cannot attack the bounty. it could make a very Star Wars feel and made the duels very interesting to watch. Faction Wars : Thats the main thing Ground : lets say Sith Vs Republic 6vs6 to 12vs12 , why only 12 ? because its a pain to have to wait for so many player to be on at the same time to do something that is the main goal of the game , that why blizzard is reducing the amount of player needed to make Raids from 40 to 20 to 10 from I heard. -zone controle -death match -last standing -kill the leader Space : same as ground rules but your in space driving some spaceships but the interesting thing in this its that its not your Class wich is important but your profession here example a pilot vs a trader , the pilot will have an advantage over the trader in spaceship driving skills. and also we need alot of map , not only 2 or 3 but more like 10 to 20 maps and add more at higher level , for the ground and space mode. I always say that Repetition is always bad for any MMO. ========================= 5-Player Vs Environment I know many of you is more interested in the pve mode than the pvp. but its have be good and refreshing right ? So what about MAIN QUEST with scriped dialoge and voice acting its like a kotor3 mixed with a mmo. Some Co-op thing , example you have a group of player doing a main quest to gain renown and make they faction grow stronger by doing quest from their faction leaders. so its wont be go kill 20 twilek its will be more like find and rescue 10 trapped jedi in a tarentatek cave , with dialogue and different brench of choices. ========================= 6-Classes and Prestige's classes. a.Classes and prestiges classes branch I created 3 main Classes with multiple branch , here how it would be. Main Prestige classes Prestige classes rank 2 Prestige classes rank 3 ==> Mercenary ==> Bounty hunter ==> Soldier ==> Commando ==> Squad leader ==> ==> Engineer ==> Master engineer ==> ==> Hunter ==> Beast rider ==> Force sensitive ==> Jedi/Sith apprentice ==> Jedi knight / Sith ==> Jedi / Sith Master Smuggler ==> Trader ==> its incomplet its just couple of example. b.Classes in details *Each classes have their own Skills branch , the player isn't forced to go for a prestige class its can get pure Soldier for example. Soldier : The soldier Class is useful against siege weapon like Tanks (vehicules) , the soldier can carry heavy weapon like Rocket Launcher and can use mines and other trap gadget. ------------ Commando : The commando is a weapon specialist and elite soldier has more skills in combat than a soldier. ------------ Squad leader : The squad leader is a more team based classes , giving bonus group like aura and stats bonus. ------------ Mercenary : Bounty hunter : make extra cash while killing enemy npc and players . ------------ Hunter Beast rider : Can capture creatures and use them as pet or ride. ------------ Engineer Master engineer : build droids (like pets) and also build siege weapons like tanks and spaceships. ------------ Traders : is a very important class , to gather ressource and finding trade routes by exploring the galaxie and also buying license to build stuff from different factions. So now think about it different class like that will make the game balanced and force players to make other class than just jedi , because a team full of jedie wont be able to beat a balanced team of other class example the enginers is essenstial they can build Tanks that will destroy jedi/Sith because they dont have any anti vehicules attacks.
  9. ========================= 2-Species (Traits and Factions) I'm all aware of the Star Wars universe have way more species than that , but I'm trying to stay with the species that we seen in the Kotor games and comic's. Do not forget that expansions could add more like I said before. a. Species and Traits Human (+Charisma,+Intelligence,+Wisdom) Mandalorian (+Constitution,+Dexterity,+Health Regen ability like Ordo in kotor) Zabrak (+Computer Use,+Repair,+Security bonus) Twi'lek (+Dexterity , +Intelligence) Wookie (+Strength , +Constitution -Charisma , -Wisdom, -Intelligence) Rodian (+Dexterity,+Security bonus) Selkath (+Wisdom, +Intelligence and the Selkath ability to stun their opponent with psychic powers) Miraluka (+Intelligence,+Wisdom and the ability to see invisible opponent by the unique force vision ability that the miraluka have) b.Aggressive Factions means that they can kill each other on sight (Republic Vs Sith Vs Mandalorian) Republic (only can be joined by) -human -Twi'lek -Zabrak -rodian -Miraluka Sith (only can be joined by) -human -Twi'lek -Zabrak -rodian -Miraluka Mandalorian Mandalorian (there is a controversy about the Mandalorians been human or aliens , because of the original Kotor comic's the mandalorian wer aliens.) here a picture of Mandalore the Ultimate c.Passive Factions. Selkath Wookie Enchani Miraluka d.Optional General joinable faction's (Can have any of those factions + 1 main faction). Joinable by all species. Hutt : galactic Gangsters Exange : Main Hutt rival's, constant wars against the hutt Czerka : All money is good , for Trading , killing and hunting mission's. Bounty Hunter : Making money from killing Important NPC character and even Players ! Bounty hunter is the way to go , even a possibility to be the number 1 bounty hunter in the galaxy. Hunter Guild : Getting challenge , hunting wild creatures, finding rare creatures locations all to gain prestige and money. Genoharadan Assassin Guild : That secret guild , that are orchestrating political hits and always moving in shadow. ========================= 3-Combat system That might be the most important part of that game. I think a Real time Combat system using the original Kotor stats mechanics should works best for the new kotor mmo.Real time could make the game lot more interesting and prevent the inevitable "spamming the same 4 hotkey over and over" and can also procure a way deeper and complex battles system.That could also balance the game in PvP , example a Full geared guy vs a Poor Geared guy , but the full geared guy is lacking in skills Vs a very talanted player but with ****py equipment ,the skill may make a difference in the battle, nobody want to get destroyed by a 1 button pressing auto lock attack right ? Making the players to miss because they didn't aimed right could be the solution.The excuse "I'm not good in shooters , I'm not good in hack n slash" here what I think about this nobody is good , if your not practicing enough and even in turn based games Ive seen tons of players that lacked of skills. =========================
  10. Index 1-General idea's (history,writers,server ;free to play vs pay to play) 2-Species (Traits and Factions) 3-Combat system 4-Player Vs Player , modes 5-Player Vs Environment 6-Classes and Prestige's class. 7-Community Features (Stop "been a nobody" in a mmo) 8-Economies , Trade system , selling system and loots. 9-Items and Equipments and design. 10-Quest / Mission system 11-Planets (the world) ========================= 1-General Ideas a-Writer Since its fair to say that everyone loved Kotor 1 made by BioWare in 2003 , the story was the key of that awesome game that sucked so many hours of our lives. Drew Karpyshyn is the man who wrote the script hes also the writer of "Bane path of destruction" which I recommend and the xbox360 RPG of the year, Mass Effect. Hes my pick to write the story of the Kotor mmo. b-History Since its a Kotor MMO , Its need to be 4000 years before SW episode VI. Now should it be before Revan reign or after ? I say after , because we all know what happening before and we all dying to know what happened to Revan since hes back on the dark side searching for the true Sith's.That also do something with the gameplay , what about getting missions/quest from Revan himself or Admiral Onasi ? c-Server I can understand some of you might be under 16 years old and cannot work yet.But you have to understand this , to prevent cheating, abuse and to have a constant support , also a quality server that can handle thousands of players in the same server , that kind of quality isn't free anywhere.Do no forget that everything named Star Wars isn't free , something that good cannot be free.That doesn't mean because we pay without getting something ,that doesn't mean that the developers can make us pay for multiple worthless expansion's that only add minor content.If any expansion is made , it should include content from all of my idea's from #4-14 (new ; species,planet,items,monster,pvp and pve modes,story mission and quest etc...) to really worth our money.
  11. 1.your wrong you just proved that your not playing the game either on x360 or ps3 , because the enemie respawn if you die. 2. the only thing I'm corroborating is how wrong you are. Like i said using powers even if its breaking the pace is still part of the combo , example the launcher in GoW. 3. dude comon , I'm not talking about the boss , dont change the subject with stupid facts, because you just got broke when I said that you can kill all the enemies not the boss the enemies with that combo , not only because its safer its easier to dispatch a bunch of enemie and plus its doing tons of damage and to let you know i beated both games 3 and 4 times . 4. lies and you proved it yourself. 5. the only thing your proving its your good at contradiction .
  12. 1. first about the respawn , its the same ***** system in god of war , you die you respawn at the last save point and you have the option to lower the difficulty . that the only difference. 2.here what wiki said :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combo_(video_games) "In fighting games, combo specifically indicates a timed sequence of moves which produce a cohesive series of hits. The combo requires that an initial hit connects. This hit is then followed by an often predetermined sequence of other hits, each of which leaves the opponent unable or almost unable to block or otherwise avoid the following hit(s) in the sequence. Depending on the game design, a combo can have a final". 3. I use that combo againts minotaur in God (gow1) and Titan (gow2) because its safer Your argument still make no sensse. ( and it does tons of AoE damage.) Next time you read something on wikipedia and try to back up your argument with it , please read the full stuff please. And BTW you said that you using the sith seeker move, that ain't in the 360 and PS3 version of the game so your playing it on Wii or ps2 or psp since you dont want to tell us wich version your playing . You said your limited with the tool , then go buy a new console. Since you do not have any good argument and you cannot prove anything , I'm done with you.
  13. I never said that Wargod and spartan wer the hardess , since spartan as default is the hardess you kinda need to beat the game first at spartan to unlock Titan.I said that to compare the equal , next time ill say GOD VS MASTER SITH. serriously I dont belive you tried Master sith because your making no sensse. Oh Yes you can kill a minotaur with that combo but you wont receive the health orbs because you didn't finished him with a QTE . you just have too miss your 3 first attack , not on the minotaur because he will block , then hit triangle in the right time its also work on gordon , thanks you. And yeah griping a enemie wich is on ground is part of a combo even if its break the pace I'm sorry. Example Sith flurry to a maximum of pause then circle then square then circle again that will leave the enemy on the ground and make alot of damage so you can finishing him up by griping him and trowing him around because that not blockable since his defensless , please go read the combo definition , "continuous attack that cannot be blocked or been avoided".
  14. 1. First there is way more combos than god of war 1 and 2 combined . end of story. If you want I can make the whole possible combos of the two games and compare it to TFU wich have way wayyyyyyy more combos. No tool you say , You can use your environement even the enemie himself to make combos , unlike GoW you got powers that can eventually be part of the combo. 2.the square square square then triangle in god of war destroy every single enemie of the game , make it pointless to use something els than that one. 3.First , if you did play on wii on easy difficulty I dont even know why i'm arguing with you , if you have a ps3 or 360 then play it on Master sith wich is a 1000 time harder than the God of war / Spartan difficulty of GoW.Mixing combos againts different type of enemie and enemy priority is way more vaste than the GoW one .
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