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  1. I'm pretty sure they can. At least this was possible with JK2, so I don't see why this wouldn't be possible with JKA as well
  2. No it's not possible in SP. It requires extra coding, and we don't have the SP source code.
  3. The Old Republic is using the Hero engine. UE3 isn't suited for an MMO.
  4. I think the best bet now, for any new kind of Star Wars game with the Jedi Knight gameplay would be MovieBattles III, which they're making on UDK/UE3. It's still early days though.
  5. I have a feeling this isn't possible. Since being able to see a player, means you can hear the sounds from the player as well. As an alternative, you could have them as two different rooms, but in room A, place a camera where the window would be, and then in room B, display what the camera sees where the transparent window would be. I think this involves portal surfaces etc, but this should mean that sounds from one room don't leak into the other.
  6. Sounds like your graphics settings for 'Geometric detail' is set to low. Increase this, and they should look better
  7. Have you tried any of the solutions posted above?
  8. It seems like this fix doesn't work for ATI Catalyst 10.9+ if you are running Windows XP. The only thing I can suggest is to keep your driver at 10.8. =/
  9. Done Too bad I can't fix the topic title :/
  10. As I said earlier, games which run on the iD Tech engines, like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Prey, they use OpenGL. A lot of indie game developers also choose to use OpenGL because it works on other operating systems. ATI have to update their OpenGL to keep up with the newest OpenGL versions. Not updating, would be like continuing to use DirectX 8 when the latest version is DirectX 11. Keep in mind it's not only games that use the graphics card, so they can't just drop support for something which is widely used by other software.
  11. On Windows, Source games still use DirectX. It's only on the Macs do they use OpenGL.
  12. Like acdcfanbill said, as the DLL is only in JKA's GameData folder, it's only going to affect JKA. Also, only a small handful of games use OpenGL nowadays (mainly games running on the iD Tech engines like ET:QW, Prey, Q4, etc). The rest of the games like Portal and HL2, use DirectX.
  13. Those of you with ATI graphics cards may have noticed that the latest drivers versions (Catalyst 10.5+) will crash Jedi Academy as well as other old games which rely on old OpenGL (this is the graphics library used for 3D rendering) functionality. Newer games which rely on OpenGL shoudn't be affected as they will use the newer functionality. After searching through the ATI forums, I came across a fix which works (this particular topic). So here it is: Go to the driver download selection page at the ATI website: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx Select the options which suit your graphics card, and then click Display Results. Under the heading which starts ATI Catalystâ„¢ 10.6 Suite for..., click the Previous Drivers link. Click Catalyst 10.4. Download the Display Driver (downloading the Full Software Suite also works, but the Display Driver download is slightly smaller ) Run the installer, and make a note of where the ATI install files will be extracted to. By default it will be C:\ATI. Wait for the files to extract, and on the next window (should be the Catalyst Install Manager), click Cancel to cancel the installation. Go to the directory you wrote down earlier, where the install files were extracted, and navigate into the Support directory, and then the directory which begins 10-4_. Navigate into the Packages/Drivers directory. Keep entering the first (and only) directory visible until there are no more directories to enter. For me, this was C:\ATI\Support\10-4_vista64_win7_64_dd\Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF\B_98282 (for a Windows 7 64-bit driver). Find the file atioglxx.dl_, and copy this file to your Jedi Academy's GameData directory. Copy and paste the below batch script into a file called atifix.bat, and save it to the GameData folder. expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll Alternatively, you can run the command directly from the command prompt, and skip the last step. Run the atifix.bat file. If you have any problems, just reply to this topic and hopefully I or someone else can help.
  14. The latest ATI drivers for Windows Vista and 7 cause the majority of Q3-based games to crash on load. To fix this you need to down-grade your drivers to the previous driver version.
  15. How about checking a more trustworthy source:
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