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  1. ... On the map! http://www.swgalaxies.net/map/
  2. There's a bug in our custom news code. Unselect all your custom news (aside from clan news) and it should work fine.
  3. 3 gigs of ram? You're insane man! insane!
  4. uhhh.. Delphy, Jabba's Palace is right. I just went there yesterday. I think you may be just not using the coordinates correctly. Don't forget about the -'s there.
  5. *lightning strikes* *thunder cracks* IT IS DONE. *lightning strikes the same spot again* *thunder cracks again* *clouds clear way for blue sky, birds chirp. All is normal again*
  6. Yeah, you can't hide from us! We've got super secret methods of determining when your birthday is ( http://www.swgalaxies.net/calendar/ )... Sooo... Happy Birthday to j00! Happy Birthday to j00! Happy Birthday dear Janny! Happy Birthday to j00! *gives Jan a chocolate covered Fambaa for his birthday*
  7. You can't hack a character in SWG the same as you can in Diablo, etc. All character information is stored on the servers, and anything your client sends is verified before it's accepted. Thusly, it's next to impossible to actually 'hack' a character.
  8. I'm a Victorian, myself. Will be picking up a copy from the Mayfair EB on my way to work; around 4:30pm pdt.
  9. Point your local IRC client to: irc.zirc.org #galaxies for Star Wars Galaxies chat with people from these boards and SWGalaxies.net
  10. You're getting that error because the new site isn't up yet
  11. Mmm... PIE. This thread has been Pie-jacked by PIE lovers!
  12. The new server that we're on isn't configured to handle as many concurrent users as we're currently experiencing. It'll be fixed soon, though.
  13. Paid for mine in full when I pre-ordered at a local EB on Monday.
  14. Yeah, I want it to come back up so the traffic on SWGalaxies.net will go down so the mySQL errors will stop so I can go back to adding stuff to the Database.... Also, I like run-on sentences.
  15. I spent most of my last days in beta running around grabbing info for the site, and honestly didn't get much chance to 'play'. Hopefully I'll be able to have more fun in the retail version
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