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  1. Congress is pushing a law that will abolish Net Neutrality, a concept which deams that all data must be treated equally. A multi million dollar lobby campaign is being set by big corporations such as Verizon and AT&T, to allow them to control the content we see and put on the internet. If we don't act now to stop this within a couple of years we will be paying a higher price to acess the web, and we will not be able to view half the content we can view now, and those websites that can't pay extra high fees to use the internet will have to run at a slower speed and lower priority, making it extremly hard to access. Moreover these large corporations will have the power to ban any website they see as "inappropriate" or "against common interests". But there's hope! If all us internet surfers rally together we can stop this atrocity from happenning. Contact your local senator and congressman and let them know that you support Net Neutrality, and that you are for the Snowe-Dorgan "Internet Freedom Preservation Act" (S 2917) Please go to http://WWW.SAVETHEINTERNET.COM for more info.
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