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  1. but you also need demolitons to lay a mine
  2. i used to before i put it onto hd if you update with the july backward update it comes up EVERY THREE MONTHS mine is fine i updated it this month
  3. canderous and pehaps t3m4 hk47 darth malack and brandon davik carlo nord go the dark siders TOTALLY DISLIKE bastla carth mission zelbar jolee the cat woman for and they are weak light siders TSL like mandalor visas kira and darth sion likes dark siders tsl dislikes all light siders
  4. that sounds alot like whats been happening to me but instead of pc its xbox as i rember right after i finish the fight with jorak on korraiban the screen goes black still hear sound the thing i do is restart the system from the last save point but if your useing a windows operating system hold down windows m this will cause the computer to do an error find then restart that might get you out of trouble
  5. i think that k3 should have longer turrent battles and perhaps more puzzles but harder like you need to use tactics to get pass the level and no loading between maps instead you have to like kill or get a high lv before going to the next stage i think that will be fun and some games i have played uses the headset with microphone to send orders to your team like you don't use your hands just your voice to guide the party its a lot of fun to dod it like that
  6. hi there all i was wondering if anyone here played the game on a black and white screen without lightsabers only melee ranged and force powers and if you have any pointers please help
  7. found three very funny parts in kotor the first is betwen canderous and jolee jolee now where are you going with this i wonder canderous shut up old man and don't spoil anything or ill twist that scrawny neck of yours jolee it was just an idle question don't get so testy damit reven force persade to a sith you will help up SHARDAN what have my brains started dribbling out of my nose or something reven that would be a inprovement reven wern't you an adventure jolee diddne't i say the past was my affair you don't see me prodding you with questions do reven your just not used to company stop being an old coot jolee hmph i might be but a mouthy young thing like yourself shouldent get to call me an old coot and besides you don't really want to talk about this were talking old history perhaps before you were born history bores kids proven fact reven yer well old people like to talk about history proven fact jolee ok ok don't cry about it later
  8. well i can't really say which was my favouite i probley can't really pick any one sene i probley injoyed it all
  9. well i think it should be after k2 well if you think about it k2 got a lot of ends to tie up and i think the game would probley could be made longer so after k2 but you visit some planets that was in k1
  10. its there ive found it myself but to get it to come up you have to talk to jolee alot but its there
  11. well what i do i don't lay any outside i put deadly frag, plasma and pretty all the nasty stuff then on the bridge i add a few deadly plasma on the bridge its a laugh
  12. clan ordo clan ordo was a famed family of mandalorians who presided over the moon ordo. in the mandalorian sector . the most famed member was Canderous ordo who fought during the war of exar kunn war and the Jedi civil war he was with reven and the interest of his his people reunited the mandalorian under his banner . on the moon of duxun in the abandoned mandalorian camp of the mandalorian war effort . in star wars knights of the old republic 2 the clan ordo symbol on duxun resembles the star forge infinite empire it was adopted after the battle of rakata prime as a memento of canderous part in the campaign in destroying this primeval and massive wonder of the galaxy . sorry about the long post but it should help you figher it out
  13. well for me it doesnt matter really i found a little something to use any face of anyone in the game i mean the main player was canderous but i also had canderous in my party if that makes sence the profile changes to that person so haveing a face doesent mean nothing
  14. 70 to 80 hours or even 1000 hours of play but the game shou8ld be different every time its loaded like some games Ive played you can be working anything up to three years to pass but battles and harder puzzles then first and second
  15. well for a higher kill rate i prefer the repeating blasters is good when your outnumbered manly when you need extra fire power but i always get stuck with the heavy repeaters and i perfer the repeaters in the fire power and not all repeaters are only 2/16 when fully upgraded they can have up to 10/19 so i like it alot
  16. hi there all every time i play kotor computer always crashes and if i remember its always not very far in i can play taris all right up to when i fight juhnni then the game just goes back to windows screen and all the other games run just fine little slow but fine so please help if you can im open
  17. i would probably like to see is Apratross I'm reading a book on the old republic and somewhere in it it says that reven passed through on his way to the unknown regions Althir mentiond dagrobah bespin hapes ithor mentiond in sith lords arabra RAXAS PRIME becase on wookiepedia says that there is somehting old there nam corious centrass there is some ideas on planets that i would like to see
  18. you can do it with out stims i did but i used force crush on him pretty well dead meat
  19. well on dantoonie i normally turn Canderous into a Jedi that's a very great thing because he always goes for the most powerful force power and when the the hostile animals or people is running away well normally gets killed when he does a force jump anyways .the cool part is when he uses force lighting kills them instly and also with hk i normally turn him into a Jedi too and carth and t3m4 is also one so mine is canderous and hk or t3m4
  20. id probably be really happy if there was NO ROMANCE AT ALL i never did really like it take it from me if there was several explosions and possibly a lot more battles like ten times harder then any so far so take it from me the game is just better without the ROMANCE so i say no ROMANCE
  21. did you get the hk droid to replay the screams then record it in the computer in the maintaince part then that should get you pass or youcan just blow up the terminal
  22. well i think some times it blows up and some times it doesnt get destroyed i think i used the deadly sonic mines which can be collected from NAA SHARDAA its manly just luck
  23. this is for a bit of fun what did you think about the party members in kotor 1&2 like the very first time you played it first time i seen canderous in the under city on taris i was thinking oh bother do i have to fight this guy then i relised i diddnet so something like that
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