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  1. This is a real common problem, it happened to me when I started to run a server. I don't remember what I was doing at first but I got it to work by toggling a few different things. First, try port forwarding to your pc. ports 3658,3659,6500,and27900, I think. Or turning it off if you're already doing so. Second, try setting your router to respond to pings from gamespy. This gets your ping to show up on the server list among other things. Do this ONLY when you're running the server as it can be a security risk. third, if you haven't already done so, give both your ps2 and your pc fixed addresses on your router, and make your ps2 the DMZ. My ps2 is and pc is Tweaking these things around should get it to work. Also the server client communicates with gamespy via port 27900, though I was able to get mine working even port-forwarding that port to pc. the ps2 still got the info. Once you get it working, don't be surprised if you can't hear the other players. Your connection might be too fast for the server to connect the audio properly.
  2. When I ran windows I had that problem, if what you're speaking of is not being able to join your pc dedicated server from your ps2 on the same network. I solved it by fixing the ps2's network address and making it the DMZ. To get your ping to show up, you need to set your router to respond to external pings (not wise to leave it that way though) If you port-forward to your pc you may not be able to talk to other players, so see if it works without. This is all old news, but the idea that pc's can handle no more than 6 players is a myth. Mainly because most DSL lines have 256kbits of upload bandwidth, and though cable can go faster, it doesn't do so consistently. I've monitored the bandwidth used by players on my server, and for lag-free it works out to about 60kbits for the 1st, 58 for the second, a little less for each additional player. So if you have a better DSL line, for instance mine has a settled upload of about 690 kbits/s, and max of 896kbits/s, you can handle 10 to 12 with no problems at all.
  3. for battlefront 1, yes, there are, or at least used to be. Servers that can handle 32 players are all rentals, because the pc dedicated servers are limited by the bandwidth of DSL and cable modems. More than 16 players will lag even the best cable modems.
  4. And I've read official posts where the "Battlefront development team" said they were "working on a Linux port." You'd think that for a team that could make battlefront and battlefront 2, and now battlefront 3 too, porting the ps2 server code to Linux would not be all that hard to do. The least they could do is release the source code instead, and let us see if we can compile it. I haven't been able to run servers for my clan since I finally gave up on Windows over 6 months ago.
  5. also does anyone know for sure if /logfinalscore works on the ps2 dedicated? Simply adding it to the app_command_line_basic in .ini causes mine to crash before fully loading.
  6. No fair to console users (since of course there is no pc non-dedicated server usable with consoles) Pandemic needs to make this possible for console dedicated servers as well I'll bet they release an update right after the Linux binaries (i.e. never) j/k
  7. for those of you who waited forever for the Linux binaries that were never made, swbf1 ps2 server works in WINE. though there's a problem with the maps loading slowly. winehq lists the swbf2 ps2 server as a compatible application as well. as for cpu usage, the dedicated servers don't really use much system resources... I've monitored bandwidth usage using OnlineEye. The PS2 dedicated server uses approximately 60 kbits/s of upload bandwidth for one player, and 10 kbits/s download. additional players use slightly less bandwidth progressively, so that for example 10 players can get by on 570 kbits/s upload. download bandwidth is rarely a problem. Is there any way to modify shortcut properties so they can take a longer command line? I can't fit the command I need in there.
  8. There's no Linux server, I looked all over for one. However I have got it working in WINE - almost. the one issue I haven't been able to resolve is the maps take too long to load, and so the players' connections time out and they get disconnected. If you can fix this problem, you can run the xwbf1 server in Linux using WINE. Also, the winehq application database lists the battlefront 2 ps2 server as 100% compatible "out of the package", however of course I 'd be surprised if it works that easy.
  9. that's a clever idea about using 2 modems, the only problem would be your provider may have to activate and configure your modem for it to work. they would be aware of your having 2 modems the idea in your recent reply to my thread elsewhere seems more practical to me, I will try that. so far I have not seen any solution to the audio thing. except one thing: when I turn off port-forwarding completely, so the server pings "9998" to gamespy, my mic works, sometimes. not all the time - but then, it never works all the time even on other servers.
  10. there was a fine ps2 patch released for swbf1 it didn't fix nearly everything but it still made it much better took up just under 3mb there's no reason they couldn't patch swbf2 fix it so autoaim works for ont thing could also use a linux server I'd run a public server 24/7 on my second computer cause I don't have to worry about hot weather hurting it that would ease the overcrowding.
  11. I've been running the pc-dedicated battlefront 1 server for ps2 for a while and recently connected both PC and PS2 to a Netgear router. I was able to host my own rooms but performance was less than optimal and the listed ping was "9998". (This is common on Gamespy's PS2 list). So I forwarded the ports mentioned in this forum and things got better - mostly. What I'm wondering is, the PS2 battlefront manual recommends forwarding port 27900 to the PS2, and the server lists that same port to forward to the PC for the server. Can it be forwarded to both? Will this create a conflict? Or will the router know when to send data on that port to the pc's address, and when to send it to the ps2 address? Can I just send each port 27900 data packet to both pc and ps2, and count on both machines to discard what they don't need? I've been having some mike problems since installing the router - my headset is usually a deadset. So I know something ain't quite right.
  12. I used the ports mentioned in the first post to set up my server behind a netgear router with my PS2 also behing it on another LAN port. Billservo, I didn't have to use the portforward to show up on the gamespy listing, it was already working,however it did change my listing from ping "9998" to a real ping. Sounds like you may have another issue besides forwarding the ports. (maybe the SPI firewall or windows firewall is blocking you?) Does anyone know a listing of all the ports this server program uses, I'm having a problem with headset audio and I'm analyzing it with OnlineEye as it runs, but I can't figure out whether it's just going on 3658-9 or something else entirely. In particular, do the ps2 and pc server use any of the same ports, cause I am trying to portforward to them both without a conflict. One thing I did notice with OnlineEye: The server doesn't seem to use TCP at all, only UDP. That is, I monitored the traffic through several rounds, and all I saw was UDP.
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