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  1. Originally posted by BloodRiot

    I can believe the Havok system is good... but plz don't say that and give Deus Ex 2 as an example... the physics in that game suck a big one.


    Er, didn't I use DX2 as a bad use of physics? Maybe I wasn't clear. I do agree that it's poorly done in that game. Shooting someone in the foot can make them fly through the air for example.

  2. Havok is not a pile of three year old crap - It's an awesome physics engine, it's in HL2, Far Cry, Deus Ex 2, Thief III and many, many others. The implementations differ from game to game. HL2's seems to be pretty awesome, Far Cry's is also great, although sometimes the bodies seem to have a low gravity effect. In DX2, shooting a body in the foot usually means the body flies way up into the air (in the demo anyways). It depends on how its used and integrated into the buyer's software. Speaking of buying, other companies make their own physics engines because it's cheaper. And if I recall correctly, Karma wasn't made by Epic, but licensed from another company (possibly modified a little or a not, I'm not sure here). GSC started with an existing physics base for STALKER, it's incredibly difficult to write a physics engine from scratch. I have no idea about Doom 3 though, and it wouldn't suprise me if id wrote it themselves. Cause like, they're awesome enough to do that...so, they can.

  3. Originally posted by Marker0077 There's all kinds of wannabes & thieves out there man, you need to protect your work.[/b]


    Of course. But the rapidly growing open source community has millions of contributors and all have their work protected. I was more thinking along the lines of the, "MINE MINE MINE I WANT FAME!" attitude a lot of people have, although I don't think that applies to ASk.

  4. Wrong forum, LDJ. ;)


    What do you mean, they don't work in JA? Have you tried turning on r_showtris to see if they created a split?


    CoD is a bit different, because it doesn't use a PVS for visibilty determination like other Q3 games do. It just uses some straight up portals.


    E.G a brush you place outside in a door of an outside hut so it acts like a hint brush and ya dont need to fog ya level

    Huh? Hint brushes are for forcing BSP splits, making more leaf nodes, letting you create a tighter visibility list. Areaportals you put inside doors so anything beyond the door isn't drawn when the door is closed...


    The inside and outside shaders are for weather. You can use inside to mark one area as inside, and the weather system assumes everything else is outdoors, and puts weather effects in it. With outside, it only puts weather effects in those areas. Terrain, uh, probably something for ARIOCHE terrain, haven't looked into that yet.


    What exactly is it that you want to do?

  5. Originally posted by Astrotoy7

    if ANYONE can come up with a system that will restore the ability to relay this visual info and for the brain to act accordingly, YOU WILL HAVE CURED BLINDNESS FOREVER !!!


    Some guy who lost vision in one eye is working on that, I think he was able to see some "light and dark", but that's about it.


    No, that's fine I guess. I don't really care that much. You just have to understand, a lot of people claim to be experts just because they derive their knowledge of science from Star Trek.

  6. Originally posted by Astrotoy7

    the human brain can only process visual information at a set frequency


    Uh, can you back that up? I've always known that you don't see or process anything at a fixed rate, you don't see in frames, it's all just constant streams. Your eyes aren't refreshing or something every fraction of a second, you aren't "digital".

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