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  1. only if you reply to the conversation, or post on my page. You'd just been posting on your own page, so it doesn't count as part of the convo. Oh well, I got this message anyway.


    So, I've re-mapped all the green globes, and half of the red spikes and one of the emitters. I've still only done 5 of the 16 spirals. It's slowly getting done.


    Where did you get the marble textures for the red spikes and blade housing? I'm thinking that I could make the tga smaller, without reducing resolution, if I pack the uvw map differently, and overlap some elements.


    Also, do you think that it would be possible with saber hilts to have two separate objects that use two separate textures? I've done that with a helmet and some body and head models for RoR characters. The reason why, is so that we could use two different effects (say, CM_Baremetal on most of it, but CM_Crys on the green disc part). Would something like that work with a saber?

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