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  1. I didn't say the 300 were bullets because I know this is Star Wars . 300 might be just power packs or energy cells that the gun uses... If this was a sniper rifle, and sniper rifles were suppose to hit something instantly..then the sniper rifle won't shoot lasers...right? (Bryar's laser beam goes very slow)
  2. I thought you said it IS a sniper rifle...look at your first post... Look at the ammo box...300 for a "sniper rifle"?
  3. In JK it scorches very rarely, when you approach a wall with your lightsaber right in front of you, but the wall is undamaged (only sparkles). Somtimes you can kill people like that (without swinging, just put your lightsaber right in front of you). I think JKII produces the scorching by running along the walls or something..
  4. --Jedi Academy on Yavin 4-- Welcome to the Jedi Academy, Jedi Training Course consists of the following: 1. Dodge the banana peel 2. Jump 3. Jump 4. Jump 5. Crouch Congratulation! You've completed the first training session! I hope it's not that easy
  5. I thought the VIPs.....nevermind Crap...I need to start playing Jedi Knight again....I'll force myself to...I feel ashamed..
  6. SaberPro


    HAHAHAHA :D *Zap* *Splat*
  7. I know...it's really bizarre to me now...Disruptor doesn't sound like a Sniper rifle's name at all....can a sniper rifle disrupt something? Your right on the clip size...300 is just too much for a sniper rifle. Let's hope its the Conc rifle II...
  8. If the mystery gift is a functional lightsaber, then I'm preordering Jedi Knight II
  9. I sort of noticed that all (projectile) weapon has an max ammo of 300? The 200health and 200shield is pretty standard...right from Jedi Knight.
  10. I think it is....is this the Monkey Academy Temple on Yavin 4?
  11. SaberPro


    I was thinking of more...a pulse that pushes anything far away...like a radius of energy that pushes or shocks anything away from its center...
  12. hehehe wassup Bart! Long time no see..since the team ladder match long time ago, and far far away...
  13. I still think: 1 slash = 1 kill or a dead limp 1 stab = 1 kill 1 poke = 1 kill 1 throw = 1 kill Isn't that what Lightsabers suppose to do?
  14. Yeah I read Tom Clancy...some of his books. So it depends who the real Jedi master is huh? I think so too. Really, you can try it out...use ur lightsaber to slash some noobies with a concussion rifle...it works By the way, I'm not American
  15. Wait a minute...isn't the above gun: Disruptor? or a Sniper Rifle? like it is described in the first post? Well it does has a scope...
  16. SaberPro


    Yeah it is a Jawa Gun, the gun that took down R2-D2 with one big...somewhat EMP-like pulse. I wonder if that will work on a human being...
  17. I know I know, remember, it's just a comment Guns seemed so weak when they are too small...I don't know why. I guess size matters hehehe
  18. Sup Scav? Too bored...finals next week and I dont want to study Well, what I meant is, how can a sniper rifle be so...short? and simple? Supposingly a sniper rifle should have a long barrel...and some powerful springing/electrical power to project the bullet/laser beam/nail/potato chips (I don't know that just came to me)...oh well it's just a comment..don't take it seriously
  19. Random Mission Generator? That's a new word for me... Supposingly build levels "randomly"? If it is REALLY random (without patterns), that is some programming skill... but I probably won't want the Random Mission Generator in JKII...probably because this "technology" is too new to me? or it just won't fit into the Star Wars world (probably suitable for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighteres though).
  20. Is it just me, or does the Disruptor looks a little too simple?
  21. Hello I just registered but anywayz... I remember reading some interview from LucasArts or something, that Kyle can use both "light" and "dark" forces, but he simply chooses not to use ANY force at the start (still fearing the dark side?). But blocking laser shots from Stormtroopers will require some force energy to do so. And also, Kyle Katarn was never trained officially to be a Jedi, so I guess he sort of picked up how to do force tricks on his way to Valley of Jedi.
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