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  1. I wont be but if they dont release it they may end up losing a lot of fans as what they created with those two games is fantastic especially the two main characters as many people can releate to them and it would just be plain cruel to not tell us how it all ends.
  2. I have to go for kreia Jolee whilst a great charcter simply was'nt strong enough in the force to be a problem for kreia.
  3. I do as well it did feel good to be both evil and good but some times the middle path is better anyone remember what jolee was like.
  4. I think the same as well for the turret game.
  5. I believe its a choice and normal I mean can any one person define what the normal life style is because I can't.
  6. wonder how many views this will get because you got me hook line and sinker.
  7. Im english political tenents are that i beleve in some parts of the BNP and the Labour party religon i walk my own path i prefer to believe in the self than to expect some higher power to sort my problemes for me and the issues i believe that we should stop immigrants coming in to our country and sort out our own problems before we try to help every one.
  8. I cant stand them beause they dont believe in free will which is both our greatest gift and worst curse.
  9. most of what's been said but i would defintely like to see Sleheyron if only to see if Yuthra is alive and well.
  10. hm id say hk and jolee because tey make me both laugh and both very good fighter's
  11. good idea's lots of room for flexability by them not being to heavily detailed.
  12. True you should gain dark side points by being more subtle not killng indiscrimantely as that is a petty pleasure of sadistic fool's to roughly quote Darth Bane.
  13. This is why i voted for revan: Kreia~"Revan was power. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi he would slay etched on his soul."
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