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  1. Why do bf2 clans advertise on the bf1 forum, I ask again?
  2. If this clan is for bf2 then why do you post it in the bf1 forum? <.<
  3. The wallhack in kamino is stand in between the wall and the ammo droid in the hallway and wiggle a little then you will go through.
  4. I got 211 kills in geonosis uphill struggle.
  5. If that was you first time playing, then I highly recommend you play it over.
  6. Over a month.... (With school and homework AND ACTUALLY GOING TO SLEEP AT A DESCENT HOUR.) And I didn't keep track of the hours... so that's all I can say.
  7. Why is almost everypost you make an advert for one of your maps? Even though alot of them are good that's just annoying. My favorite is definetly a Jedi starfighter. Nice and quick, has powerful lasers and missles. Unlike the droid starfighter.
  8. Mine is probably when I was on multiplayer on the bespin platforms as the rebels. This guy called subcontractor or something was inside a TIE fighter and owning all the rebels spawning on the open platforms to get in a ship, he was getting on 50 or so kills and laughing his ass off. I knew it was happening but thought I could get inside a ship fast enough. What I wanted to do was spawn as a vanguard and go over to an enemy cp and capture, so anybody that spawned would be instantly killed by my missle. Well anyway I spawned as a Vanguard and found myself standing right in front of the subcontractor guy inside his TIE, swooping down for more kills. By instict I fired and miraculiously, the TIE blew up! All my teammates (who were not cpus) were like, "Thanks man!" and I was laughing my ass off. Luckily out of fear he didn't try spawnkilling for the rest of the time he was on the server.
  9. Yeah, I like that map. I pretty much did the same as you but only got like 20 kills.
  10. I've noticed that vehicles randomly explode on custom maps on Battlefront 1.
  11. I really wouldn't do well in fighting, so I'd... Army:Clones Rank:Clone trooper Stationed on:Coruscant (Just to guard the streets and stop fights in bars and stuff>)
  12. Nontheless you could still give him a blaster pistol or something. I'm just an episode 1 fan, which is pretty rare. So I guess not much people will agree.
  13. Yeah, it's a good game. My favorite part about it is the plot. Anyway, let's get back to topic. Maybe a mod where you could be an inanimate object? Or you could be anakin from Episode 1? Or just plain be anakin as a Jedi?
  14. http://img462.imageshack.us/img462/5889/picture27fu.png Mac.
  15. This isn't really funny but maybe you could play as the characters from KOTOR?
  16. 63, cloud city platforms. Using clones.
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