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  1. Don't blame the code. Damn kids.
  2. DJG

    Moe Joe

    I lied. It's six to eight weeks and I get a free glow in the dark Tony the Tiger figurine in exchange! It was damn hard tracking down those hard drive UPC labels anyway... But yeah, I'm guessing if these 'blokes' (look at me I'm trancending the international gap!) can't do it, we won't have files.
  3. DJG

    Moe Joe

    They guarantee turnaround in 4-7 days, so we'll see.
  4. DJG

    Moe Joe

    It occurred to me that while I try and keep the IRC people in the loop about what's happening with Mojo, I neglect to actually post what's going on, so here's what's happening, and I apologize for not showing ya'll the love that you deserve. We sent the hard drive to a hard drive recovery place called Aver Drivetronics. Don't go there ever. They were unable to fix our drive and if you ask me, they were very unprofessional and kind of incompetent. So now we sent it to a new place, the Data Recovery Network, and supposedly they are working on our drive and we should hear a status report soon. So maybe Mojo shall return soon? Yes? I hope so. Though we all know that members of Mojo's staff are compulsive liars about that sort of thing. To really have an up to minute account of what's going on, head over to irc.gamesnet.net and read the topic in #lfnetwork, the official update source. Peace, -DJG
  5. I'm Brak. And can you believe I've never seen an episode of Space Ghost? I can't. For shame, DJG... for shame.
  6. DJG

    Family Guy

    Adult Swim itself is amazing. Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law is pure brilliance. But yes Family Guy is greatness... wasn't the show canceled like 3 times then brought back on 3 separate occasions by FOX?
  7. We have older backups, and a lot of the recent stuff is probably on random Mojo staff computers. We'll get back up regardless.
  8. Oi. Class And no quakeworld on this comp. I want to play though... WAHH!!! (Perhaps sometime in the middle of December when I have access to the computer w/ Quake on it and there is no class)
  9. Word on the street is that DJG is not sexy. I'm just telling you what I heard.
  10. This server move is different. (heh) It's just an upgrade. The new server is running with pretty much the same system so all logins, etc.. will be the same, it's just a matter of getting the backups onto the new system. Also, me and ZeroXCape won't actually be handling the move. The guys from the new server are taking care of it and actually doing a good job. So this shouldn't be a big, painful move as the ones before. Then again I could just be a big liar because all server moves are evil. Have a good day.
  11. You asked for webspace for quite a while. I'm sure we all would like to see it used....
  12. I agree there's a lot of disappointment about no more "classic adventures" being churned out by LEC but I don't think Mojo posts rant after rant about it. The Gladius preview is by someone who admittedly isn't an RPG fan and, as she stated that it isn't supposed to be taken seriously. The other previews have little snippets of "how is this game like an adventure game" but that's to show those only really like the old adventure games (a whole lot of Mojo readers) that maybe there's some elements of their favorite genre in other types of games. Of course we've ranted a bit on LEC not making adventure games anymore, we can't deny that, but it's not like we've bashed every Star Wars game we've come across simply because it's not adventure. In fact, the recently released LEC Star Wars games have been quite good. Sorry that you won't be reading Mojo as much. I agree there is a lot of bashing of Star Wars games which a lot of the time irritates me as well (though it's not like we should filter out all the rants posted in comments), but I think we've tried to be pretty level headed in dealing with LEC's games.
  13. Any feedback for our review of Galactic Battlegrounds? Post your views here.
  14. heh. What's the point of outsourcing a non Star Wars game? I thought you only outsourced stuff you had a license to... wouldn't it make more sense for the company to just make their own game and get it published?
  15. Thanks Endy, although we don't want to use EITHER of those nameservers and are in the process of changing them to the right ones but we're having some trouble with Network Solutions. Though thanks for explaining what the heck is going on with the domain.
  16. Hi. I'm DJG. I break stuff. And for some reason I have a Brak avatar even though I've never seen the show.
  17. It came from the heart.... or something like that.
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