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  1. a link is worth 1000 words http://www.killermovies.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-361276-look-what-i-found-about-kotor3-just-speculation-for-now.html
  2. Do you think Bastila will return as a party member or NPC to help the player character in KOTOR III?
  3. Did Revan go to the unknown regions because he had heard of the "Far Outsiders" AKA the yuuzhan vong? i say this because the Vong have been mentioned before in KOTOR remember Canderous Ordos mystery ship that fled to the very edge of the galaxy? That was a Vong scout.
  4. In response to your comment Lucasarts has done things that get the fans really mad before, look at Thrillville.
  5. What if the new Darth Vader game between Episode's III-IV is actually KOTOR III here is my reasoning. It would still be in the Old Republic/Rise of the Empire era and it would get KOTOR players intrested in the upcomming TV series between Episode's III-IV. So here is what i think the plot is going to be. You start as a young student at the Jedi Temple at Corusant being chosen as a padawan and you have to chose your master ie.. a Jedi Consular, A Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel. Once you chose your master later in the apprentenceship some of that masters skills will be passed down to you. You and your master go on missions which is like the types of missions from Taris in KOTOR I. And so after you finish all the missions the screen goes black and then it says 10 years later. So, 10 years later you are about to become a Jedi Knight when it goes to cut scene and you hear "Commander Cody, Execute Order 66." So you defend the temple killing some of the 501'st, but then a stranger offers to take you in his speeder away from the temple. So you go with the stranger away from the temple and that is where the real story begins
  6. Since the pirates are very cheap when compared to the rebels or empire, like using 20 year old droids. I was thinking could the pirates use "trained" beasts like rancors etc.. as an anti-infantry weapon, it would be cheap and deadly. Just a Thought
  7. What if the Arc Hammer is like the DS and only the rebels can destroy it, and to do that they need to win a tactical battle with the Mouldy Crow in their fleet, then it will go to a cut scene showing the Hammer's destruction
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