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  1. Alien, what's going on here? Also, what's your wallpaper?
  2. That makes absolutely no sense. Aren't you guys German? Sollt ihr nicht leistungsfaehlig (sp?) sein? Also: "The Serenity Tin" is a stupid name (may be a good name for a band, though).
  3. Probably off rescuing that damn frog again. No, wait, I'm thinking of Starfox. Anyway, The Israeli Buffy/Angel/Firefly/AnythingJossMakes Fanclub got the DVDs at a reduced price, so I'm happy-happy. Wonderful outtakes, too. Nathan Fillion is teh funy!!!1
  4. They can get to do the soundtrack.
  5. They could try to make an Indy adventure game or two, so how that might turn out. Dunno. Off the top of my head.
  6. That's a bit creepy, but overall commendable.
  7. I hope the German voices remain in the English version, with a funny accent.
  8. You work in Beirut? P.S. Firefly? Brilliant. Love it.
  9. I will soon hopefully tell you about a new CD I really really like. It is called Scream.
  10. My 201st post here tries to find a way to bypass the fucking asterisks.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, the answer is a resounding yes. Wir Sind Helden are a very good music band. Von Hier an Blind is an album which is addicting to listen to. I have a lot of (read: some) respect for the German people, their culture and their language, but German usually sounds like crap. Seriously. The opening track, I Forgetsch Der Naame auf Die Aupfenningtraak, it sounds like music. When Judith sings, it sounds like music rather than words. This may be hard for Germans to accept, but that's a real feat. For now I am happy listening to the album without understanding much. I personally place a lot of emphasis on the lyrics when I listen to music, so that's saying a lot. My 200th post here celebrates good music, and that's just the way it's supposed to be. P.S. Alien, where'd you get the pre-****ed-up stuff from?
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