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  1. Totally agree. I relied heavily on my artisan friends, especially a person who became a very good friend of my through SWG - I relied on her and her crafting guild heavily for my armor and weapons. She also would make me some very stylish clothing. I paid them hansomly for their work, they loved crafting but most left during the CU, and they all left once the NGE hit. I'd like to see a return to that in TOR.
  2. Smuggler would be good, if they can implement it in the correct way. Like having some risk involved in being a smuggler for one thing. But if done the right way it could a lot of fun to play as.
  3. Yeah that's how I felt in SWG. I never wanted to be a Jedi, and never became one. Mainly because I simply refused to do the hologrind, and I really didn't want to grind professions I really didn't want to play as. I loved my Master Pistoleer/Master Commando. Good point about the Mandalorian faction...haven't thought about that... and if they do announce something like that sign me up ASAP.
  4. I was apart of SWG from June 2003 until the NGE hit. Enjoyed the community more than anything, and thought the game had a great sandbox style to it that kept me coming back. It's no surprise that a lot of SWG vets would flock to this game, since many of them have been hoping for this for awhile. I mean after all, we are all Star Wars fans. I was never as ticked off as many vets were with the NGE, I just simply cancelled and never looked back.
  5. As would I. I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to Force Unleashed, don't mind the idea of playing a chick as long as the story is solid.
  6. I rarely do the whole DLC thing anyway. I really have to be into a game before I can warrant it as it is, having said that if I feel the DLC for Force Unleashed is worth it I'll download it. But... I love the virtual console on the Wii...I rarely download things on my 360.
  7. Yup, it is the way of the Sith to betray the other. Whether the apprentice kills the master, or the master finds a new apprentice and wishes to eliminate the current one.
  8. Yeah the EU has tons of "dark Jedi" but I wouldn't consider any of them Sith. I guess Galen would fall in the dark Jedi category. Look at Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, there are like what... 7 dark Jedi in that game, although I think had Jerec succeeded in his plans he would have eliminated most if not all of them so he wouldn't have any competition for the Valley of the Jedi. Granted a lot of the EU was written before the prequels came about, so almost nobody knew about the only two rule.
  9. Well Ponda Baba's severed arm was all bloody after his unfortunate encounter with Obi-Wan at the Chalmun's Cantina. The lack of dismemberment in the game doesn't bother me that much, although it would've been more than welcome.
  10. I think Jerec was still doing his work in the unknown regions as a Jedi archeologist by this time, I don't think he has yet fallen to the dark side and an inquisitor to the Empire. Then again I am not sure of the time of Jerec's return from the unknown regions, and subsequent fall to the dark side. General Rom Mohc would be a nice cameo, as unlikely as it may be. It was said in Dark Forces that he had a hand in the decimation of the Jedi.
  11. It's no big surprise that it isn't being released for the PC though. Gamestop seems to have a lot of their floor space dedicated to console gaming these days, Best Buy seems to be doing the same. I don't like it any more than the next PC gamer, but it's just where the chips are falling at the moment. I'd rather have it on PC, I'd rather have any game on PC. I was a strict PC gamer up until a few years ago, then I finally caved and bought a 360, then later a Wii. If you can't beat them, join them. I was hoping for a PC release of this title though, since it feels weird playing Lucasarts game on a console, I remember the glory days of playing Loom, Day of the Tentacle, X-Wing etc. on PC's.
  12. I have a 360 and a Wii, still up in the air about which version to get - but no MP just blows. I have been wanting another Star Wars MP game since the Jedi Knight days, but we'll just have to keep waiting I suppose.
  13. A longer single player campaign would be nice, and a bit more difficult to boot. BF2 was super easy even on the hardest difficulty. Will be interesting to see if they utilize the tech that the PS3 has brought forth, or that my uber gaming PC is. Not many games have even made it sweat yet though. Yeah Hoth and Endor sucks, need new maps there too. Unless you like revisiting the same maps over and over only in a new box, but hey more power to you guys on that one.
  14. I would like full customization on ground maps, and space maps if at all possible. Being able to pick the kind of mech units to use on a map would be pretty nice, also would like to see the space maps a bit larger to allow some nice space battles. Got kind of boring just flying and damaging sub-systems and frigates, more depth and objectives would be nice. Also bringing back star fighters for ground levels would be a plus No more Hoth or Endor maps, new or original planets would be a welcome sight. Hoth is a snooze fest anymore, and has been for the past 12 years or so of Star Wars gaming - Endor just seems to be a staple of Battlefront, and there isn't much diversity to the map at all really. Only exception I have to the no Hoth or Endor map is maybe have them as MP only maps. Galactic Conquest should be a bit larger, perhaps include different planets that encompass the entire Star Wars saga - or close to it anyway. Even adding planets like Manaan, Korriban, and Corellia would be a nice addition. I would personally like to see planets on the scale of say the Star Wars Galaxies planets - yeah a pipe dream to be sure, but huge maps with alot of diversity is what I like. I want HUGE battles, the battles in Battlefront while nice, seem to be small in scope.
  15. Anyone who thinks this game is going to get any better now is just in denial. After nearly 3 years this game is worse than ever. Frankly they had the right idea when the game was launched, if they had just tweaked and improved on that original idea of the game things would've been fine. As I've been hearing, this PvP thing has become like anarchy as one of my friends who still plays the game put it. But I guess SOE is wanting to cater to the l33t d00dz now or something.
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