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  1. Mission accomplished - thanks. It was tricky but I finally got the coordination right to do the double jump & force dash successfully enough to get across. I'm now fighting Darth Vader and he's kicking the c**p out of me. Any tips on how to beat him? I'm guesing I'm near the end of the game now. Thanks all.
  2. I am about to throw the whole SWTFU game in the damn bin. Can ANYBODY tell me how to cross the chamber and/or get the bridges to extend the whole way across? Once again, I'm on a Mac with keyboard & mouse controls and apart from the double jump technique I see no other way of crossing to the convergence chanber.... Is there a force speed control anywhere perhaps?? Next step is an email to Aspyr...................
  3. Guys & Gals, I'm playing SWTFU on an iMac with keyboard & mouse controls. I'm in the large chamber where I need to align the Pulsarium rings (where they are testing the green laser) I can align the rings but the bridges that extend do not cover the whole gap and I can't jump across, even when using the double jump technique. HOW can I cross to the next chamber and continue to the Convergence Chamber Lifts? Is there a force speed or anything else I can use. I've been stuck for a MONTH........ HELP please.
  4. Cheers Klw I'll do some homework. I can do the double jump thing but I'm still short of the other side so a dash-force push sounds like the solution..
  5. I'm in the laser tube and have managed to align the 3 pulsarium rings but unless I've missed something the bridge that extends to take me to the next set of rings is only partially extending from either side and the gap is too wide to jump so I always end up at the bottom and can't jump out to dodge the rings when they start up again and fry me. Any suggestions ? I'm on a Mac using key board & mouse.
  6. I still can't get it.... If the SD is facing left and I have to pull it right using 'D' then it turns fast and if I push the mouse up it rises into the correct position for me to start pulling it down with 'S'. However, once I have pulled it down a couple of times, as soon as I have to let go to take care of the incoming Tie fighters, then it starts to drift back up and to the right which, when I start to pull again will allow me to pull it back to the middle using 'A' but no amount of pushing up with the mouse will let me get the nose high enough to be able to start pulling it down again. Also - once at this stage, no matter where I let go of the SD to deal with the fighters - it is always back facing right when I start to grab it again.. Is this some sort of glitch? I've been trying for 2 weeks now and I'm getting to the stage when I'm just going to give it up as a bad job... HELP! Remember I'm playing on a Mac with keyboard and mouse - not xbox 360 controller. If I got one would it work with a Mac ??
  7. Can anyone tell me how to pull the SD down using keyboard & mouse on a Mac?? I get the signs 'A' pull left and 'D' pull right with an icon of the mouse with an up arrow. Do I push the mouse up or rotate the mouse wheel up? either way the SD does not move and before I know it the Tie fighters are back on my case again. I have got the SD into the position to pull down using 'S', I get it down some then go back to hitting Ties, when they are done the damn SD is back where it was 3 or 4 attempts previously and not where I left it. HOW do I finish this level? Thanks
  8. Hi, Its been a while since I played but you should go to the platform in the room where Lando is (to the right or left just behind him) and be taken down to the hangar where the fun starts again, you have to disengage the tractor beam and refuel the ship before you can leave. Blast the containers either side of the hangar walls to drop down into tunnels which take you to where the various controls are, take note of the symbols on the fuel pipes in the hangar as you will need to recreate these on the top of the large tank outside to start the fuel flowing. As soon as the ship is ready to go you will be joined by quite a few more bad guys before you finally get away.
  9. Hi Eager Weasel. Thanks for that I'll have a go at em when I get back to the game and let you know how it goes! Thanks flyingosca
  10. Hi. Can anyone tell me the best way to dispatch the Shadow Trooper I encounter in Level 17 - Cairn Dock? Thanks
  11. OK, I've had a look. After you've taken the Imperials key (for later use) step onto the elevator and push the control panel on the wall using 'use' in my system it's the E key. Go up a level, go outside onto the balcony and turn right into the lift shaft. step onto lift on right and again push the control to take you up into the control room. There you will find the 'outer defences' controls. Push again to activate the gun outside then retrace your steps back outside. Jen will be waiting at the gun. Use push to access the gun and blast through the main outer doors of the building. After blasting press jump to release control of the gun - join Jen on the lift (checkpoint) which will automatically take you down to the lower levels of the installation where you will find lots of Imperials to shoot at and lots of nice puzzles to solve!
  12. Forget my request for help to get out of the mine area. I was in the wrong game (although I do still need the help!)
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