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  1. I think evidence points very strongly to it being a Yuuzhan Vong ship.
  2. Yeah, if you look you'll see we had threads about the Revan book a while back.
  3. I just pray that the next RPG will be of better quality than ME3 and TOR
  4. This is really not the case. Since Disney is licensing now, we're likely to see more Star Wars video games than ever before. Licensing an IP is virtually no-risk, so Disney is likely to allow as many developers as possible to make games as long as they pay the license.
  5. Disney Closes Game Publisher Lucasarts Games are not necessarily dead, however. On the surface this looks like the end, but in fact I think it's good news. Lucasarts hasn't made a passable game since Force Unleashed, and it hasn't really had a good year since 2005. The licensing model will allow more star wars games to be produced because Disney isn't the one taking the risk. Given that Obsidian has said that they want to make KotOR 3, the only thing in the way now is whatever Disney will charge for the license, which they really have no reason not to grant unless they want to give it to somebody else.
  6. Can we get a consensus that Revan and the exile's fate were written for the sole purpose of marketing the very loose tie-in mmo? Their character arcs were pretty hastily undermined and brushed away for the purpose of introducing a new set of villains for The Old Republic. I don't see another interpretation unless you start grasping for straws.
  7. That's an awfully nice euphamism for "mercilessly retcons and exploits existing EU."
  8. Title. Lucasarts is a subsidiary of Lucasfilm, so Disney now owns that as well. No doubt they want to profit from every available resource. Does new management give the Kotor franchise a brighter future? I think it does, only because the future was pretty grim under the status quo. Shaking things up is Kotor 3's best shot, I think. They're gonna want big name video game releases around 2015 to help hype their new movie, and new Battlefront, Republic Commando and Kotor games could be just what they want.
  9. You do realize that Disney made every Marvel movie since 2009 (ie post Iron Man 1), including the Avengers? It's not going to be mickey mouse. This is good news. Maybe I'm unique in that I really don't think bad sequels ever hurt my appreciation for originals. So really, worst case scenario, they release something I just ignore. Best case, we get good movies again (ie no George Lucas dialogue)
  10. And she doesn't mean her identity as Darth Traya, because Mical explicitly states that he recognizes her in spite of the dark side: The council conveniently doesn't call her Kreia, though they recognize her and think she died in the Mandalorian wars.Brianne noticeably mentions that the body was never recovered. Kreia knows all about Arren Kae. Both are Revan's first master. Both are exiles. Kae + Traya= ??? profit. Honestly, the alternate theory is that Mical and Atris recognize some other secret identity she had? That the body never being found and the name Kreia being spoken by no one that knew her from before are coincidences? That Revan had two first masters and two final masters? That the Handmaidens' saying betrayal runs in Brianne's blood and the whole Darth Traya thing just kind of coincide? It doesn't matter that they don't specifically say she is Kae. They explicitly state that she is NOT Kreia.
  11. Yeah, I use 360 controller for FU1 and it's infinitely better than keyboard and mouse for this game.
  12. Not sure I agree with this. If you employ that attitude, the use of lightsabers in a universe this technologically advanced is just as stupid. It's a laser sword, for Christ's sake. A laser sword. Swords aren't even viable today.
  13. The rail-shooting in TOR cannot be worse than the space combat in KotOR. What a cheap pain in the ass that always was. Not interesting, not hard, not fun. TOR space combat reminds me a lot of that, except that it looks aesthetically pleasing. I'll take it for what it is.
  14. I agree with about half of this. It breaks my heart to see a great era like Tales of the Jedi get stomped by newcomers, but at the same time I can't help but feel that KotOR, outside of this fact, is one of the very, very few EU contributions that really feels like it's Star Wars. KotOR II was very... different, and while Nihilus devouring a whole planet still bothers me, I do like the idea of the ancient Sith being something the Jedi in the Prequel Trilogy were truly afraid of the seeing again. The criticism of The Old Republic, and how everything about it looks like it could just as easily have been set directly during the galactic civil war is something I couldn't agree more with. Why the hell do the troopers look like storm troopers? And the fact that the trooper looks exactly like Jango Fett in Hope pisses me off beyond belief. Even the symbol of the empire looks almost exactly like the symbol of Palpatine's Empire. Wtf is that? It's retarded.
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