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  1. Yes, I'm definitely going to be DVR'ing Raphael's episodes of 24.
  2. Tatooine side-quest? http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/11494/Quest.zip Cached page -- Do-it-yourself: 1. Google the name of the mod, the modder, pcgamemods.com, etc. Click on the cached page link. 2. Find the name of the mod file in the cached page. 3. Find the core ID number in the URL of the cached page (ex. "/mod/11494.html") 4. Type in http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/ *ID number* / *file name* (case-sensitive; replace all spaces with %20).
  3. I think it would great if it were feasible to make two player characters, Revan and the Exile. I'd want the freedom to use either one, anywhere -- but I *would* find it acceptable to choose which of the two gets killed off so you're forced to use only one for the end-game. However, I'm sure it would be very time-consuming to program them both, pretty much making two games in one (everything that can happen to Revan as the main PC, NPC reactions, dialogues, etc., and everything for the Exile). Or even four games, if you're considering gender differences and romance options. But I'm just going wild with the imagination. Why not. If I had to choose only one, however, I'd go with continuing the Exile's story, trying to solve the mystery of Revan's fate, and discovering more of the hidden Sith empire. I like having Revan as that "legendary" character, that no one knows where he's gone -- just rode off into the sunset, etc. For return characters, I'd choose Bastila (couldn't wait any longer not knowing), Atton, HK-47, and T3-M4 (even though I never use him). I would *love* to have more of Carth as a party member, but how's he going to get away from his duties as admiral? I'd enjoy Mandalore, as well, but he's busy with the Mandos so no call for jetting off into the Unknown Regions. I'd be pleased to see Mission again, as well, all grown up, but she's probably on Kashyyk with Zaalbar -- Mission and Zaalbar together forever, right?
  4. I have the mod installed but haven't made use of it -- will *definitely* do that for the current playthrough. Not for me!!! Thank heavens I've finally reached my current age, the options have expanded considerably. w00t!!!
  5. Ah, well I'll admit I haven't allowed my female Jedi to gain influence with Atton when she's a dark-sider -- I always make sure to insult them (well, Bao-Dur and Atton) and kick them out of my party so that they stay light. I'll have to drag them down to the dark side for once, but... I wonder if I'd be convinced that Atton's bad to the bone... Heh heh heh, I have saved games before each dialogue and load them up every so often just for a quick dose. Raphael Sbarge's voice acting is just top-notch. PC: Oh. So there's something between you and Bastila. Carth: What?! No! I mean... no! Don't be crazy! PC: So someone would be crazy to like Bastila? I'll have to tell her that. Carth: Oh no you don't! I'd have to shoot you down first, and I'm not kidding. or PC: I've seen the way you look at her. Carth: What? You must be joking. I'd be lucky not to get my eyeballs seared out of their sockets. His astonished outrage and warning were very natural, and very adorable. Put Carth and Atton head-to-head and Atton would really end up sulking in the corner. Disciple, pshaw.... Heh heh, have to quote another gem from that last exchange: PC: Sure, sure. You're all talk, Carth. Carth: And just what would you do if I wasn't? No, no, wait, don't answer that. I don't want to know. Well, I wish she would! What would Carth do then? Anyway, I just don't think the Revan/Bastila banter meets the same standard; and the way that Carth behaves in TSL, just waiting and longing for any word, ever the loyal soldier... As soon as I heard that one line in TSL I thought I'd faint.
  6. I have to go for the Revan/Carth romance; but for a canonical male Revan, I go for him not seeing Bastila ever again -- not that he drops her, but he does what he has to do, chase down and defeat the Sith! For the Exile (yay for canonical female!) I stick with Atton. Folks may think he's a loser, but I think the Exile redeems him, inspires him to straighten up and become a better man (and Jedi). He should follow after her into the Unknown Regions. And I don't know how the animators did it considering the relatively limited graphics, but he's got this perfect little grin and smiling eyes gesture that I *love*. I also love that head tilt / glance off to the side gesture, heh heh. The Exile definitely needs some comic relief in her romance, she's had it *rough*.
  7. whoops, I should have known that and put my 5 cents on one of the other threads. Like... perhaps *this one*... but as it's over a year old, wouldn't that be reviving a dead thread? ROFL -- oh, lord. Yeah, I can see Ian playing Atton, but I would instantly hate him just seeing that face... with that smirky smug smirk... As it is with the game, I think Atton is adorable, but he *is* loser-ish and Ian would tip the scales. Brrrr.....
  8. I think Judi Dench would be awesome as Kreia. She practically *was* Kreia in The Chronicles of Riddick (char. Aereon). I'm not so familiar with Sarah Kestelman's screen presence, although her voiceovers are perfection. And Ron Perlman (Hellboy, City of Lost Children, etc.) looks and sounds *very* much like Canderous/Mandalore. I almost thought he must have been the voice actor until I looked it up (John Cygan). I can't think of anyone else to play that part in a live-action film. Any other shoe-ins? Nicky Katt is great on Atton's voice but would he work on the screen (too lean? not Abercrombie enough?). Of course, I'd pay money to see a CGI animated film based on the KotOR series using all of the same voice actors.
  9. Thanks ChAiNz and Cactus-Jack for the PCGM download cheat tips, and ABCIMe123 and purgatory jones. I was able to snag KristyKistic's Tighty Whiteys mod for TSL, w00t!!! http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/18143/tighty_whiteys_v1.1.7z Cached page from PCGM -- Wanna try it yourself (ChAiNz has the tips posted in the second post of this thread) --> Find the name of the file and the mod ID number from the cached page (ID in the cached URL -- ex. "/mod/18143.html"), and input -- http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/ *ID number* / *file name* If there are spaces in the filename, use %20 to replace the spaces.
  10. I definitely wanted to lay one on Atton and make a real man of him (although options for Mical and Bao-Dur would also have been welcome for alternate play-throughs -- heck, I'd have romanced Mandalore, too). And yes on getting my old lightsaber back from Atris. Wanted to be able to actually fight off the Jedi Masters on Dantooine when they tried to sever my Force connection (even if I'd have to lose and have Kreia save me at the last second for continuity). Wanted more neutral/gray/thoughtful options. The PCs in both KotOR games weren't as clever as I could have wished... Ah, and recruit both Handmaiden and Mical -- and dump Goto.
  11. Ah, yes, the thread that got me into Delta Squad. =) Putting in another recruitment call. Join [Ds] and I'll bake you some cookies -- the highly explosive kind. Those Trandos will never know what hit them. http://swdeltasquad.org/ Register with our new forums and we'll stamp our your tags asap.
  12. Now's the time to pick up a backup copy since LA released their BestofPC set. 5 games: KotOR 1, Empire at War, Battlefront, Jedi Knight II, and Republic Commando (almost worth the price of the whole set, heh heh, as Raphael Sbarge [Carth] figures prominently as a clone voice). $40, and pretty easy to find at local stores or Amazon, etc., if LAStore continues to be sold out. http://store.lucasarts.com/catalog/product.xml?product_id=405578;category_id=400838;pcid1=;pcid2=
  13. Thanks Stoffe! I followed your instructions using the 2DA, UTI and UTC file types (all stranded) and was able to change the drive letter, etc. Easy enough -- worked like a charm!
  14. My brain is turning to jelly so forgive me if this is addressed elsewhere, I've been tinkering with it for hours -- I recently reinstalled my KotOR games and modding programs to my internal hard drive (so I don't have to lug my external drive with my laptop) but all of a sudden I can't set Kotor Tool as the default program to open my .uti files. I plugged my external hard drive in and can set the Kotor Tool program from *that* as a default program, but *not* from my laptop's hard drive. I browse through the program selector and choose kotor_tool.exe, but nothing happens (just bumps back to the "Open With" window and kotor_tool is not listed). I have no clue why this is happening. I can still open with GFFEditor. I just have no idea why I can set Kotor Tool as the default with my external drive but not with my internal one. Migraine!
  15. Usually I have her cutscene pop up once I reach the right alignment level while I'm still on Citadel station, but with one of my latest play-throughs I believe I was still rather neutral and I got it when I was leaving the Polar Academy? [edit:] Found this in aeon's nice KotOR FAQs: http://aeons.planetquake.gamespy.com/aeons-php/kotor2_faq.php#What_is_up_with_Visas_Marr? Visas will show up even if your character is neutral. The triggers for her appearance are: * Your character's alignment is 50% light or dark. That means halfway to either LS or DS mastery, or * Your character has gained a combined total of 50 LS or DS points, or * Your character has met at least 3 of the Jedi masters. I think Vash counts, even though she is dead when you find her. (Neroyume)
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