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  1. good to know that someone else is having a similar problem. if you find out a way to fix it plz tell me. which console do i type in the /version in?
  2. my firewall is fine. i both turned it off then tried -still didn't work- and after that i made jka an exception just to be sure. how do i get into the game console? where do i hit `? i can't do it ingame cause i can't actually get into a multiplayer game without getting the "connection interrupted" message.
  3. yeah my discs are both legit, i bought them off target.com. and no not using any of those software.
  4. yeah DL'd it from jk3files. said that it was already up to date and that i didn't need to.
  5. hey, got JKA in mail the other day and singleplayers fine but everytime i try to join a multiplayer server both with and without jka+ mod, this is what happens- i log in, everything loads, i get into game with profile screen with all the portraits and 5 seconds later i get a "connection interrupted" message. this happens to every server i join. please help!
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