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  1. Clearly the over the top force powers display was meant to hype casual Star Wars fans so they would go COOOOOL! However people who are more familiar with the films are likely to be more appreciative of the ridiculousness of the demonstration. I’m not sure if this or the fact that every single principle Jedi character ever has been white. Would it be so hard for white developers and fans to accept a non white Jedi main character or is that too much to ask?
  2. I find it quite hilarious that several of you who are pleased that 99% of playable Star Wars heroes fit the same basic description just assumed I was black. Of course if I was Asian or Hispanic I would be delighted to be forced to play a white character 99% of the time.
  3. Here we have yet another generic white male Jedi character. They really thought outside the box there. And while I’m sure they felt their ill advised decision in the latest trailer to feature this new apprentice character taking down a ****ing star destroyer would be “super cool” despite being ridiculously at odds with the continuity in the Star Wars universe. Apparently Darth Vader’s new apprentice a hell of a lot more powerful than himself and one of the most powerful force user of all time. This game will have to impress me with its gameplay because so far I’ve seen little to get genuinely exited about as a Star Wars fan.
  4. I just hope that the main character won’t be just another generic white guy Jedi.
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