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  1. I held off a consortium fleet of Agressors and Keldabes for about half an hour using 4 ISds and An Interdictor at the base. This was a 3v2 space skirmish.
  2. Could someone please walk me through the team/ space station part of the editor? Every time I try to create a map, I place the stations but they don't show up when I test it. Help.
  3. It happens to everyone. No fix yet, although one of the patches seemed to decrease them a bit...
  4. As the rebels/Consortium, I immidiately go for Couruscant. Yes, it has a level 5 station, but thats what raid fleets are for . Raid Couruscant and capture the planet. Make sure you have a fleet standing by to intercept the enemy reinforments (that will be coming). Once you have couruscant, go around taking the surrounding planets. With this advantage, your victory should be assured.
  5. If I had FOC installed on two computers and played it online using both, is there a possibiitly of my key code being deactivated? I'm wondering if this could be the cause of my inability toplay online over the ast few days; every time I try I get a (different each time) errorr message. EDIT: It wasn't that, thanks anyway though.
  6. Which port is required to play the game online?
  7. (212th) is a relatively new clan for EAW. IF you are interested in trying out, contact (212th)AdmThrawn (me) in game. Our clan website is http://www.freewebs.com/212th, all information can be found there.
  8. Will FOC be Vista compatible?
  9. Try using a different E-mail Mailinator.com is a free proxy.
  10. I knwo how to take screenshots, but how do I access them?
  11. I know how to take screenshots ingame but I don't know how to view them, can someone help?
  12. Proposal:Increase turbolaser damage against fighters. Reason:Capital ships currently have no way of defending themselves from fighters. Considering they rarely hit fighters anyway, it would make sense for them to be able to destroy fighters with only one shot.
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