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  1. Actually its alot different than vista, I did some research into it and its more like a very sleek, very fast, very muscular version of server. Theres a video on youtube that compares identical machines and win7 boots so fast its amazing. If M$ actually delivers this could be their best OS ever, possibly rivaling the MAC OS in stability, functionality and being fully compatable with both new and old games and hardware. Just got to cross our fingers on it I guess. If you ever played Vampire Bloodlines on the PC it is quite similiar to kotor 1 and 2 as far as programming. If VTMB will run on it more than likely kotor will as well.... I hope.
  2. Does anyone here have the windows7 beta? I was wondering if kotor or TSL will run on this new OS. It is still in its late beta and is due for release sometime in late summer. Supposedly the OS is ALOT faster than either XP or Vista and has tons of backwards compatability. Time will tell though, anyways does anyone have the 411 on this OS and our beloved kotor / tsl games? I saw over on the windows boards that Vampire Bloodlines will run on them which is an encouraging sign.
  3. Ok here is my take on the whole situation. LA does have alot on its plate at this time, with the upcoming "tv mini movies" that were announced at E3. Another HUGE factor is the advent of next generation graphics technologies. Look at "The Force Unleashed" for an example. Console systems like the PS3 have sooooooo much graphic and processing power its crazy. Before releasing a MAJOR SEQUEL title a company will want to wait at this time due to several reasons. 1. Next gen graphics. 2. Console systems. 3. DX10 and Vista are not mainstream as of yet. 4. There is a new video technology out there that is just coming of age and its totally mind blowing. It uses mathmatcal algorithms instead of bitmapping graphics, this will especially make a huge impact on games designed for PS3 and its MASSIVE cell processor engine(s). 5. Third party vendor vs in house development. Obsidion is a good company and offers alot of support HOWEVER... thier games are sluggish and slow and require tons and tons of updates .. example is NWN2.. its an awesome game but runs sluggish even on the best of systems. Hopefully Mask of the Betrayer will fix up some of those slowdown problems. So as you can see there are many many aspects that go into the "announcement" of any release by a company like LA.. especially one as big as a K3 announcement. IMHO I think Force Unleased is actually an experiment of sorts into these next gen graphics and will let them know just what they can be capable of with a MAJOR title release like a K3 would be. I would not expect any official K3 announcement for at least another year.
  4. E3 is going on right now on the g4 network, please post here if you here any announcements from LA.. especially kotor3 related. Hopefully we hear some news.
  5. VTM Bloodlines is one of the best games made, the level of detail is staggering. I have beaten this game 4 times. I give it a 5 star rating, there are also some really cool mods out there for it.
  6. Ok I just watched the whole show tonight and the only thing they announced was Force Unleashed and did not even say whether it was for xbox or PC. They did however give kotor 5 stars for a rating. Looks like we will have to wait til July E3 and if they dont announce anything at E3 then im going to stop hoping altogether.
  7. Tonight at 9pm EST (-5GMT) is the G30 for Star Wars. They will be having everything Star Wars and the future of the Star Wars universe. They will also be talking about GAMES from what I understand and revealing upcoming releases. I believe the channel is the G4 channel on expanded cable.
  8. Sorry I know this is the area for K3 posts but figured this little post wouldnt hurt. Does anyone know if this game will be released for the PC? I checked LA website and they only mentioned "next generation console games". When they say "console" it refers to xbox 360 and playstation3 systems. Hopefully they make a PC version as well. It looks like it could be a good game.
  9. Actually LA has a fan liason department for all their products. Also if by chance Bioware does land the contract with LA to devlop the game ... well bioware developers actually do take an active roll in fan feedback when making their games.
  10. Hey thanks for the feedback all. Keep it coming because I actually want to print this out eventually and send it certified mail to the lucasarts game developmnt department. I agree with alot of the points raised from the comments also. True we are not working on Elder scrolls or baldurs Gate hehe..but this is where all the ideas really start in my modest opinion. All you can do is get a bunch of good people together and share ideas. Hopefully after 25 posts I can get in touch with the right people at Lucasarts and send them a letter. It certainly cannot hurt
  11. Im going to try and keep my reply short and direct without fancy words. 1. People who are convicted felons should NOT be allowed to own or carry a firearm. 2. In order to purchase a firearm someone should have to pass a background check, just a simple check of their identification and to see if the person is who they claim to be and if they are a felon. 3. A non citizen or someone on a green card should NOT be allowed to own or carry a gun. As far as psychologists are concerned I think half of them do not know what they are talking about and tend to jump to their own perspective conclusions. Oh no... this kid is dressed goth he needs help for trauma! PFFT!!... give me a break! I do not believe the way a person dresses should be a major indicator of their personality, look at the Enron executives for an example, guys wearing expensive suits stealing billions (felons). I do actually believe that poverty does have a direct relationship with crime rate, we only need to look at the statistics for that. As far as trying to deterimin who a mad dog killer is and who is not, well thats just impossible. For all anyone knows their neighbor, teacher, shrink or local sheriff could have commited a murder and not know about it. Now for some waaaay out in left field stuff. 1. If the penalty for murder was literally being thrown into a pit of hungry lions and broadcast live on TV do you think the muder rate would drop?? HELL YEAH IT WOULD! Because just the thought of being "fed to the lions" would more than likely creep into someones mind before they pulled a trigger.
  12. Well I have seen a few threads about what should be in K3 (if they even make the darn thing). So here is my 2 cents. 1. Have 2 totally different campaigns, one for LS, one for DS. The campaigns should be highly adaptive and reflect a story upon each other, in other words upon playing both sides you will have a deeper understanding of the outcome of the game. 2. The Ebon hawk should naturally be in the game, maybe some upgrades to it. 3. Ships: You should be able to purchase upgrades to your ship or be able to buy an entirely new ship if you like. 4. No level limits, have epic progression. 5. Online game options via a secure online server: Playing pazaak or pod racing with other real players for some creds would be fun. Being able to transfer some of your online credits to your single play game would enhance the experience of the game. However you cannot use your "single player credits to upload for play"... hence no cheating in online pazaak or swoop racing. 6. Galaxy exploration: Perhaps you can explore star systems and discover previously unknown and interesting worlds or moons. 7. Should Reven be in the game?: YES!! Maybe you can start out as Reven or at the least have Reven in the game as an NPC on some sort of plot twist. 8. TONS OF FEATS AND FORCE POWERS!... this would make your character and NPC's more customisable. 9. Different jedi / sith classes to start as, similiar to TSL and definately have prestige classes. 10. A Wide array of romance options. 11. Make the game VERY easy to mod out the wazoo. 12. Continuing online support from the manufacturer with a forum that the developers are involved in. 13. Hire / Fire NPC's.. lets face it you cannot have 20 NPC's at once filling up your ship so if you wish to dismiss an NPC in favor of picking up a different one you can always drop off the old NPC and have the option of picking them up later. 14. Transitions... whether you start as LS or DS there should always be an option for the player to start making the transition towards the other side. The game should be adaptive in this aspect. 15. Starting point... well this one could be tough. I can see the game starting out either just before the mandalorian wars or just after K2 TSL in reference to timeline. Another possibility would be to start during the war of Exar Kun (young jolee bindo anyone)? Anyways thats my suggestions.. feel free to comment or add on to this.
  13. I have played this mod before, its fun but I have to admit that seeing the jedi dropping in 1 hit was kinda sad. They should be VERY hard to kill and use some tough force powers also.
  14. It would be nice to see all the mods updated to use the TSL patcher, that would cut down on alot of problems for people installing the mods. This would effectively reduce 2da and uti editing down to near zero. So all you amazing modders...up for the challenge?
  15. That number has been disconnected / dead forever lol. I remember that this happened to me before with a non custom head character and I had to reinstall the game fresh with no mods to get through the cutscene after leviathen where the group is standing around and carth tells them your reven. For some awkward reason it wont load now at all even after the reinstall. I dont think I have a bad copy of the game, but I just might try getting a new copy on DVD "the best of" at the store and see how that goes. Im using the latest updates also. I never bought HK but I dont think thats even needed. Wish I was the worlds best video game programmer / designer/ graphic designer / coder / modder in the world LOL.. id just remake the whole game lmao. Id launch my own k3 and worry about lawsuits later haha. Has anyone else had this problem?? Sincerely; Desperate.
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