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  1. I think you should start off as Canderous/Mandalore and the Exile searching the galaxy for Revan and meet some all new party members there as well as some old ones as you search for Revan. The one I think should stay are Bao Dur Atton Carth Bastilla Misson The Handmaiden as the exile's wife Vias
  2. I don't like the idea of being able to explore whole planets. It would become a console version of Star Wars Galaxies which isn't my favorite Star Wars game. Also, I would like to see KOTOR III on all the systems for once! I think it would be cool with the motion activated controller on the Wii! Why can't all games be on the same system? Sometimes I hate gaming.
  3. I agree I think they will stop and I would rather have KOTOR III but I just thought it would be cool becasue they would make lego sets of them and all those people on ebay would stop ripping people off by selling them lego figures that have krappy paint jobs of the EU characters. I also think that maybe if the game sold maybe they might make some EU movies like KOTOR I don't know about you guys but Darth Malak fighting Revan on the big screen? or even Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker! George Lucas probably won't make another though.
  4. What could Lego Star Wars be if they made a new one? Or even Lego Star Wars KOTOR. They could make a Lego Star Wars III be the war of the Imperial Remant vs. the New Republic. I know I should be excited they made a #2 but I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago.
  5. Ya I like the sound of that. Also about the maps, the teams shouldn't have disadvantages like on Endor when playing as the Empire or Like when you are the villans in Mos Eisley when you do Assult Mode. It is dumb, and I think each team should have an equal chance at winning. I noticed like the day I got the game becasue I played Endor as the Empire and Mos Eisley Assult Mode like 20 times and the Heroes or Rebels would always kill off 100 of my reinforcements and they would still have like 150. Now I can win in these places because I am no longer new to the game but I think that is bad for new players that have never played the game. Any oneelse notice the effect?
  6. I think also in BF 3 if they continue the medal system that ranks you from private-general you should have like diffrent unlockable armor not just weapons fro classes. Be able to customize your class. I think they should have a new mode like soldiers career or something and star out as a regular troop in the simulators and work your way up to being a General. Like for example say you started out as a republic Heavy Trooper and became a general, customized you armor and you should command a special squad of heavy troopers, and train Heavy Troopers and stuff. Sort of like the ARC Trooper Alpha in the Star Wars Clone Wars Graphic Novels. I think that would be cool but thats just me... Also I think you should be able to have a bigger influence over what missons you do. I know that the clone troopers are programmed to take any order without question but it is just an example. You could have your legion kill your Jedi commander and stick with Sidious or Help out your Jedi Commander and Destroy the Sith. I think you should decide not just have the missions set out for you. I don't know how you guys feel but I play KOTOR and I like the whole you choose your path effect.
  7. I know but I needed at least one Alein on each of them because I don't want to be racist lol I didn't put an Alien on the REpublic becasue they use clones which are all human. I still think it would be cool to have a commando in there though, either put delta squad in there or have a class called clone commando and have it do special missions or something... I don't know I just would like to have them in there. I agree with you on the Commando thing and I think they should make the clone marine look like the clone commander because the armor the commanders wear is called clone marine armor in the movie and on each stage change the Clone Commander Armor to look like a Commander from the movie. For Example on Utapau have the clone commander look like Commander Cody. I think that would be cooler than the weird looking armor they have on the clone commander now. Any one else besides me think that the clone troopers looked better in BF1? I want changeable skins for the soldiers. The only thing would be that the Empire's only alternate armor is the snow costume and that would look dumb if a bunch of snowtroopers were running around on Mustufar. The Rebels could wear there costumes they wear on Kamino in BF2 but they should make it more diffrent than the pants. The driods...well who cares no one likes them anyway!
  8. I say they need more heroes in the next game with blasters becasue I think personally it is easier to kill some one from a distance than with mele attacks but I also think they need melee weps besides lightsabers this is what I think New Heroes should be added REPUBLIC NEW HEROES Delta 38 "Boss" Delta 62 "Scorch" Delta 40 "Fixer" Delta 07 "Sev" Commander Cody Commander Gree CIS NEW HEROES: Durge from SWCW Haven't come up with much for the CIS but I hate them so IDC REBEL NEW HEROES Admral Ackabar Lando That GEneral on Hoth... I forget his name EMPIRE NEW HEROES: Grand Admral Thrawn Mara Jade Royal Guard (could be just a regular class but i put it anyway) General Veers Any Comments?
  9. I am a huge fan of Darth Malak and I really wanted to play as him. I would liek some one to make his head selectable for KOTOR 2. Also however does it could you please edit the item Darth Malak's armor so it actually looks like his armor? Reply if you are going to make the mod Thanks!
  10. I loved the first RC but if they want this game to be remembered as a classic they gotta make a sequel. They could make it in episode 3 where they left off or make it called Imperial Commando that would be kool.
  11. I think we all expect KOTOR 3 to be much better than the second I was a bit dissapointed with #2 I know they say it was rushed and all but why? I am a huge Zelda fan and has anyone herd about Twilight Princess Here? Please use the "edit this" function to the lower right of your posts rather than double-post ~ ChAiNz.2da
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