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  1. To the other posters who were looking for the mod and to any other newcomers who desire it: Thanks to Zhaboka, Nemesis of Katarn has been re-uploaded. Get it while it lasts http://www.mediafire.com/?qovtffc3uccwnq2
  2. Yes, I too, desire to download Nemesis of Katarn yet that pesky filefront link appears to be broken.
  3. I thought I tried voting for the next map but maybe I might have done it wrong. And while you may take pride in your map cycle that you created, I have a differing opinion. I hardly ever see the server with FFA maps anymore, and that's the main reason I'd want to join the server. The siege levels are nice though, since I never get to play siege. Maybe you could intersplice more FFA maps inbetween the other game modes.
  4. I agree with you, but playing with the bots on that server for a while makes it more likely that someone else will see that the server has a human and join. But you're right, pick an hour and I'll try to be on at that time.
  5. Why don't you allow voting? Also maybe lower the number of CTF maps in the lineup.
  6. Hey, do you know what are some common times when the server is more populated?
  7. How can I tell whether players are bots or humans?
  8. Do you know if that's compatible with Jedi Academy?
  9. Drat! Oh well, thanks for that info though. Now I can stop hopelessly looking for something like that and just get on with KotOR:TSL, just accepting the new HUD.
  10. I don't like how things in the HUD of TSL are on the opposite side of the HUD in KotOR1. Is there some kind of mod that just makes the TSL HUD look more like the original KotOR HUD?
  11. Wow, that's really cool. Mine are: Raven's Bonus Maps Siege Star Destroyer Tantive IV Death Star: Docking Bay 3207 Carbon Freeze 2 Endor and More Geonosis Complex Tatooine Scum and Wampas? the_academy_v3 Geonosis Catwalks Force Academy RIP (AWESOME clan map even though I'm not in the clan) ctf_outpost1 (part of LDJ's mappack) thelosttemple (the other part of LDJ's mappack)
  12. How many do you have and if you feel like it, you can name them also.
  13. Anakin Skywalker: Had 2 sabers, lost his arm to Count Dooku, He had ONE saber. I never thought about it that way. I guess gimmicks never win. I actually prefer to use 2 sabers (and I'm better at 2 sabers and win more duels that way), but a lot of times I switch to 1 saber simply because everyone else has 1 saber and I don't want things to be unfair.
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