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  1. Who is your favorite admin? VOTE NOW!!!!!!! Note: sorry I couldn't fit everyone's name in. If your favorite admin isn't on the list vote 'other'
  2. Well if you're playing on a server with room for let's say.....32 people there's most likely an admin modorating the coversation and actions of the people playing. If you know the admin's x-fire, you can contact him via it.The servers with 4-5 people will have the vote-off feature most likely.
  3. Iv'e found that if you get into one of the vehicles and block the droid's way to the refinery, you can most likely guard it for the four minutes. Dont bother about all the droids on foot; as the wookies and your fellow teammates will destroy them. Worry mainly about the oncoming vehicles from the CIS, oh and why is this in BF I??
  4. Well, if you can get into it, I would recommend JBA (Jedi Battle Areana). It's usually full, at 32/32, but it has a random assortment of maps, not just assult. It runs on Ver. 1.1. For more information go to http://www.WGOhome.com.
  5. When I first installed the game, and went to multiplayer, I found only at max. about 11 games. So I went to magagames.com and downloaded the patch. Now there is over 45 games for me. There are two games you can count on being there ALWAYS: Jedi Battle Arena if it isn't full and Thegclan.com Heros vs. Villians those two games run on ver. 1.1.
  6. I don't know if this may be the problem but shouldn't e:\autorun.inf file be d:\autorun.inf file? Because since your running the CD in the CD/DVD hardrive it's D:\ for me
  7. maybe the guy was an admin or had x fire to talk to one?
  8. what do u mean by 'taking instead of me' do u mean tk'ing? and all that stuff you guys have said havent happed to me so im lucky!!!!!!
  9. did u do something that was against the rules? and what server was it? u will probably be un banned in 3 days-1 week's time. what the message means is that ur cd key code was banned from the server
  10. dont double post and to answer the question u most likly wont be able to get in the glitch because the other person will most likly kill u
  11. I'm just wondering could Lucas Forums hold a server for BF 2? I mean it could hold like 40 ppl (be bit laggy) but it would be fun what are your views?
  12. my fav. album is empire strikes back and my favorite song is the imperial march
  13. What type of player do you think you are best at for space maps and what type of ship do you prefer to fly for all teams? Example: =DEATH STAR= I prefer to be a pilot who dogfights most of the time. CIS: Vulture Republic: Jedi Star Fighter Empire: Tie Interceptor Rebels: A-Wing Please answer with the requested info i would like to see what other people like, other than me
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