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  1. I might give it a go again, if I can turn on subtitles.
  2. isketch sounds grand, but only if I'm drunk ;D
  3. I hadn't played the first two and I started to play the third, but stopped after a little while because the voice acting irritated me.
  4. I must find the perfect spoon.
  5. I think this is the newest picture of me online. I really have to stop putting pictures of myself online.
  6. It saddens me. But some of them don't even bother posting at all, and pm me straight away with zero posts.
  7. But they don't have any fleshy parts!
  8. Ok, I've changed my mind, if anybody wants one just pm me. I don't care if you have zero posts or a stupid avatar/nick.
  9. I'd take a look, but this looks like it involves effort. I'll give it a miss.
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