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  1. Before it seemed random, I only got one about a day after I joined and then no more, but recently they seem to be giving them out like crazy.
  2. I have no friends see, but as soon as I get rid of them gmail gives me more!
  3. I just got another lot, best thing is to pm if you want one to avoid 2 people giving someone an invite.
  4. Heh, I'm hoping to be pissed on fridays, drunk that is.
  5. Tuesday, but I clicked Wednesday. Oh dear. After the 6th any day will do, but from October onwards weekends are best. Or any day but Friday.
  6. Pffft, there's nothing special about next weekend apart from the fact that I'll be working. I quit today but I won't leave until the 6th.
  7. If anybody wants this last invite pm me.
  8. There must be so many invites floating about now, I wonder if they'll get rid the invite system. Or perhaps they're coming out of beta soon.
  9. Sure, just send me your email address in a Private Message and I'll send you one.
  10. free, 1gb space, spiffy interface. you want in?
  11. I, like many others I suppose have just been given a shitload of gmail invites. In the unlikely event that someone who wants gmail hasn't got it yet, post here and I'll probably give you an invite.
  12. ptdc


    I have orkut and friendster. You can find them.
  13. It is great, I need to start playing it again some time. Or perhaps even making some mi related maps
  14. I don't look like Douglas Adams.
  15. I last read The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Dagon and Pickman's Model all by HP Lovecraft. I read them here
  16. I think Tuesday sounds better, what about Tuesday?
  17. What thread was this then? I might be there. I'd have to quit or skive, which seems likely :/
  18. Crude, nude, food, mooed, mewed.
  19. ptdc


    Blame everything on Gabez!
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