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  1. A problem with a lot of adventure game engines is that they're not really finished and the documentation isn't very good. AGS looks ok but I haven't really used it much. Sludge is fairly good, but it's not for beginners, it's not free and the documentation is a bit incomplete.
  2. The cat came back the very next day. The cat came back, they thought he wasn't gonna. But the cat came back the very next day, he just wouldn't stay away..... Or something like that.
  3. They are interesting because of the lucidity. Amaze.
  4. ^ This thread is unravelling quickly. < Has nothing better to do. V Is a pain in the yarbles, right, right.
  6. Greg, Hellbeard is not coming back, you have to move on.
  7. I intend to make as few frames as possible and reserve the right to give up at any time
  8. No hurry, but I don't want to spend too long on it otherwise I'll lose steam and forget exactly what it was I was trying to make. Today I've been doing character artwork, it's tricky seeing as I can't draw people very well (at all ).
  9. I was just thinking, to make a game in episodes you'd really have to plan the whole game from the start rather than just let the game take shape. I think a better approach might be for me to ask people to help me with making the game. I need an animator at least.
  10. I'm in the process of making my game and I've just realised what a mammoth task it's going to be. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on realising games in episodes.
  11. Robot wars annoyed me because I couldn't get it working with WINE.
  12. At the moment I've gone back to a dual boot system. I managed to get wine working but it still takes a lot of tinkering to get software running. Until I can get something for linux I'll probably use AGS or SLUDGE. Linux isn't that hard to use and you get a much better understanding of how computers and operating systems work when using it.
  13. This time I've deleted my windows partition and scratched up the cd. Now I nearly have wine working I'm invincible! Invincible! HAHAHAHAHA! Of course I'll probably install windows again next week.
  14. I have recently denounced the evil that is windows and fully embraced Linux (for a couple of weeks at least). Now unless I can get wine working this leaves me with a bit of a problem making my game. Does anybody know of any linux adventure game engines, or any java engines? I'd like to avoid writing my own engine for now (for one I'd have to learn to program first).
  15. Changing your avatar once in a while is fine, but changing it every five minutes is just irritating.
  16. [bgbennyboy edit] Sorry but thats really not on.
  17. Indeed. HEHEHEHEHEHEH. But anyway, being able to use a few photoshop filters doesn't make you a digital artist.
  18. On a forum for ADVENTURE DEVELOPERS.COM I'd be suprised if you were I'm starting to make my game tomorrow, I've almost finished the design for my site and I have a rough plot for the game. It'll probably be made in AGS or SLUDGE.
  19. ^ It'll cost you. < Needs to unblock the toilet since his life got flushed down it. V Has a trouble free existence. The bastard.
  20. Hehe that's great, but he's only bitter because he didn't walk on the moon first.
  21. ^ Who are you? < Who am I? V I don't know you, but I don't like you.
  22. ptdc


    What about computers that plug straight into your brain?
  23. I think that any signature is too much signature.
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