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  1. ^Sells propane and propane accessories. < Knows things. V Has more limbs than brain cells.
  2. MI1 - Theme MI2 - Theme, Jojo, almost everything... CMI/EMI - Can't remember any of it.
  3. I don't notice when LFN is down, since my brain is also on the server.
  4. I think it would be like putting a lock on an empty box. What servers?
  5. Hehe, I read that as I'll set my breasts upon you.
  6. ^Is of ambiguous and indeterminate gender. < Is just too amazing for words. V Likes to scare little children.
  7. ^Is in league with Bill Gates and all his little wizards. <Is currently using a computer. v Still uses their fingers to count.
  8. ^Likes Muscular Animals < Will one day "TAKE ON THE WORLD!" v Is completely insane.
  9. I know that at least two of the sites have been closed due to lack of interest/time/etc. I suspect this is the case with the rest of them. The reason they have suddenly disappeared is probably because a little 'spring cleaning' was done during the creation of the new site.
  10. Yoko Ono smells funny, and she has a stupid name.
  11. According to some it is extinct, but in the last few days since AD 2 was launched this forum has been getting busier. Now all it needs is a template to match the main site.
  12. Oh no! I knew it was a mistake to put my actual location instead of a 'witty' comment
  13. How much exactly do new potatoes cost these days? And what is so new about them?
  14. Excellent idea! I'll start making stupid accusations. Yoko Ono was responsible for EMI being such a pile of crap! Yoko Ono wants to steal your children! Yoko Ono is a major factor contributing to global warming... etc etc.
  15. Very, yet all avatars pale in comparison to mine
  16. I thought it already had changed, or at least it was supposed to the other day. Poor old dozer 2 (Or 3 or whatever it's up to).
  17. You forgot to say... FIRST POST!!! FIRST POST!!!!
  18. Hooray my AD hosting came back and apart from a few minor problems (such as no site or game) I can fill it with crap to my heart's content!
  19. Perhaps it was about why you are all idiots?
  20. All it needs now is my subdomain working and it will be perfect! ¬¬
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