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  1. I don't think that's a good enough excuse, but then I don't regard CMI and EMI as true MI games.
  2. ^Will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. <Is secretly (oops) plotting the downfall of civilisation. V Their name is also going on ze list.
  3. Not that I've ever been in a lap dancing club.. er heh
  4. The plot was weaker than the watered down beer in a lap dancing club. It was weaker than Windows grasp on stability. etc etc.
  5. I heartily disagree. For a start there is no pointing and no clicking. Different method of control + different GUI = different interface.
  6. On most music I don't even notice the bass, or I can't remember it at least. I'd probably notice if it wasn't there but It doesn't seem as important as everything else. Plus bass players are easily replacable.
  7. In Episode VII they have horribly deformed flipper children.
  8. The greatest problem I have on dialup is someone picking up the phone then saying "oops you're on the net" Well I was... grumble grumble
  9. So, far greater than the terrible loss of life is the terrible interruption to normal programming?
  10. Six strings are better than four! Guitar forever. Unless of course you're using a six, eight or even twelve string bass. But still. Bass players don't get to do solos (or at least I haven't heard any).
  11. I haven't played GF so I can't comment on it's soundtrack. But the soundtrack for CMI is one of it's redeeming features.
  12. "Help me mixnmojo, you're my only hope"
  13. Now there is off topic and there is way off topic. I think this is floating somewhere in space. I have nothing helpful to say except keep searching.
  14. I found in cmi/emi it was harder to do things quickly than in MI 1+2. I do like the Sam and Max interface even though it is similar.
  15. Blade outwards I hope otherwise that's just asking for trouble
  16. Sure you didn't. Probably.
  17. Perhaps you'd like to tell us then?
  18. I am shocked and appalled.
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