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  1. I think they might want to eat his ass.
  2. Wow! YOU could be a voice actor with a talent for talking out of your ass like that!
  3. They don't have asses? Perhaps you could let them have your ass (HAR HAR). And, get a job you big ass!
  4. It's only slander if it's not true
  5. I like the original MI interface with the text inventory and all the buttons that didn't actually do anything
  6. You are a zero.... big and round and only special as in spesssshuallll.
  7. Get a job you lazy sod.
  8. A long boring story or a long interesting story?
  9. I like the 'pirate' bit in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
  10. MI 1+2 cannot be improved upon. I certainly would not buy it if that cretin Armato voiced Guybrush.
  11. MI and MI2 are my joint favourites. I hate EMI though and CMI isn't brilliant. No amount of polished graphics can make a mediocre game good. The graphics are part of the charm of the first 2 and MI2 especially is very atmospheric. Just don't get me started on the CMI/EMI voices .... *grumble* Damn Armato *grumble*...
  12. Excalibur is the best film ever.
  13. I thought it was quite good even though it seemed like a parody of the first two (hmmm, a parody of a parody). Oh yes and, I like goooooold.
  14. Wow! The stains would add to the value. Perhaps he was spanking his monkey while making Monkey Island. HAR HAR!
  15. This place still exists?
  16. I think he's a big ol' doody head, but seriously I'll make him rue the day he cast aspersions on my eating habits! *grumble grumble*
  17. I tryed ftp'ing to the space and it worked, it seems just to be unreachable from the outside world. Could you fix it, or more likely pester someone to get it fixed
  18. I have since gone off the NWN idea so it doesn't really matter. I'm probably going to use something such as AGS. Still working!
  19. It has died. Probably because it wasn't 'officially' up. On the list at the right... etc. blah. yada. And yes I am working. This very second.
  20. Yeah, I know but it's an adventure game in that you have lots of adventures Also with the toolset you could engineer a module with no fighting and no levelling up. Mind you lots of text adventures had a points system.
  21. On further investigation it appears that the hosted sites are back but not mine. It isn't officially up yet so that might be it. On the other hand it may be because I'm no longer hosted. If this is the case couldn't you at least told me?
  22. Well this is purely academic atm, since the hosted sites are nonexistant ( I think) but I have a question about content on my site. First I was wondering what the term adventure covers. Is it restricted to point and click/ text etc adventures or does it cover RPGs too. After all what is an RPG if not a string of quests and adventures. Second I was wondering if I have to make a complete game or a mod for an existing game, seeing as many adventures on the hosted sites are made with free engines they share code so in a sense may be considered mods (or am I pushing my luck ? . I'll get to the point then, at the moment I don't have much time to code and do the artwork etc for a full adventure so I was wandering if I could do a module for Neverwinter Nights and put it up if my site ever resurfaces.
  23. ptdc


    So you stole it. Or copied it, either way a violation of some user licence thingy, an admission of guilt! AHAH! Not Legal!
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