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  1. Thrik's shrine is nothing compared to mine.
  2. I can contain my feelings no longer. Natty, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I rarely see my desktop. The last time I regularly did was when I was using my desktop pc with the 17" tft at 1280x1024 and running on linux, I think theres a picture on my deviant art page which you'd have to find since I can't be arsed. With the laptop at 10xx x whatever on a 14" screen I usually have whatever app I'm working in maximised.
  4. I'm not going to sleep tonight, because that's already passed. Oh the joy of working nights.
  5. What a lot of dingo's kidneys.
  6. It's like when you post a letter and it comes back returned to sender and you think to yourself, "Oh ****". Especially if it's an envelope full of anthrax.
  7. Your collective mums. HMPH!
  8. Monkeyborg? Monkeyglands more like.
  9. What I used to do is set my display name to something that would express my feelings(usually negative) towards someone on my contacts list. But I wouldn't say who it was aimed at or talk to them about it. Which is odd, because lots of the time I'd use this method to express my annoyance at the fact that nobody was talking to me.
  10. Well, nobody wants to contact me while I'm here so nobody wants to contact me while I'm away. For me theres no real point of customising a message that nobody will see.
  11. I haven't used an IM in months, and when I do I use the default away messages, if I can even be bothered.
  12. So that's two eggs mayonnaise, a prawn Goebbels, a Herman Goering and four Colditz salads.
  13. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    So, ye olde automotive electrician came round earlier and fixed the windows. Great I thought, and then I tried the stereo. I can play cds fine, but I can't get the tuner to work, it just freezes, I can't even get static. So I'm guessing that the aerial has been disconnected from the head unit accidentally. So now my goal is to get the radio working again.
  14. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    Oh that's fixed, but now the windows are stuck down, and it's raining There's a special car electrician coming round later, I hope they can fix it :\
  15. ptdc


    NO MORE MCMUFFINS?! OMG! OMG! Also, I'm working on interchangeable theme thingies for my site. Be excited, be very excited!
  16. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    I provide those sort of services for free J/K, or am I... Climbing the stairs is enough of a struggle. I have a car, but it's continually breaking, oh woe is me!
  17. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    Does anybody want to pay me to do nothing or failing that, something?
  18. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    I'm not sure if I can be bothered :\
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