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    Fill my hole

    So. now I have an even bigger hole to fill. Yesterday I lost my job, for being too quiet. Great, isn't it?
  2. I'd see kill bill [gates] vol.whatever, but all the clips I've seen made me think that it'd be the sort of film that'd irritate me deeply.
  3. OLD! haha, I love saying that Also, intensely irritating.
  4. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    I have too many hobbies for my limited time, resources and attention span. Tomorrow I plan to visit a wax museum. That can be my long term goal. Today I cleaned my car, that was my goal for today, I guess I can die happy, or at least with all my goals reached
  5. When you work you don't get a summer. You just keep working and the weather gets hot. Then you punch a particularly troublesome customer in the face. Then you get a summer.
  6. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    I thought about writing a book. Perhaps reading one would be easier, and a goal since I don't do it as often as I'd like. Underwear, now that's a tricky one.
  7. ptdc

    Fill my hole

    I'm working on a mp3 player at the moment using python, but I'm running into some problems with the modules. I did write one with delphi about a year and a half ago. I could probably do what I want to if I was just developing for windows or linux/bsd/etc but I'm trying to make it cross platform.
  8. So I recently unexpectedly passed my driving test. I'd been worrying about it since September and it had given me something to work towards. But now that I've passed, there's a gap in my life and I feel like I need a new goal. So, any suggestions? Also, has anybody else achieved anything recently?
  9. ptdc


    This seems like a good time to spam again. My site now has some real content, and some real news. Go and look .
  10. My code is fine, dude. The version of opera I have installed displayed things correctly when I used my ie css. I just need to fix up some javascript to get it working with opera as well as ie.
  11. Ahh, I love it when people see the light Opera is ok except a. it messes up my site b. you have to pay for it if you don't want banners. c. yes I know you can crack it, but that's cheating.
  12. Every time somebody puts up with using ie or even worse enjoys using ie, a kitten dies. Do it for the kittens.
  13. You seem to have missed the point that the ie engine is TERRIBLE. Also, it's not exactly hard to go to the extension site and download a few plugins. MyIE is as bad as normal IE.
  14. There used to be a get firefox button on my site too, but I haven't put it back after the redesign. Also my site works in ie now after fiddling with the css and adding the alpha png fix.
  15. Is great, I know. But what are you huz? Lazy, stupid or perhaps just stubborn?
  16. Today I sat down and completely restructured the html and css for my site. I wrote many hundreds of lines of code until I looked at it in my browser and truly it was a thing of pant-creaming beauty. I carefully uploaded it and validated the css. Then as I unleashed my creation onto the world, I find it doesn't work in IE. It works, it just doesn't look anything like it's supposed to. So, why is this. It's because IE is quite frankly ****. On top of poor support for standards, you have outdated poor support for standards. CSS makes it easier to maintain sites, create complex layouts and do things that would be hard or impossible to do any other way. Unfortunately most of the people browsing the web put up with limited css support and table based websites because they're too lazy/stupid to install a real browser. I haven't even started to mention the other reasons why IE is terrible (terrible, terrible). So why don't you go and do yourselves and everybody else a favour and install firefox today .
  17. If you just want to avoid windows, why not try linux ? It's a lot cheaper than a mac.
  18. ptdc


    Wow, it's almost as good as planetthreepwood.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And OMG thrik pictures.
  19. I've changed my mind about python now, and I'm using xemacs with a python mode to write the code. I haven't learnt all the shortcuts yet though. I changed my mind on ruby too. Anyway, I wrote about it on my site. You should all go and look
  20. At least it's not python. I was having a look at some books on python last night and I don't know if it's the books or the language itself but they made it look rubbish.
  21. Ruby isn't too bad Have I mentioned Ruby already?
  22. I found it dull, like the majority of people I've met who really like it
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