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  1. I'd sign a petition for her to shut up and go away...... Amazing, it seems to have worked.
  2. A dove, From above, Smell, The glove. Something about love.
  3. For some reasons close ups of plants make good wallpaper and good wallpaper is important when you can see through some applications.
  4. I hate reviving dead threads... but. That's Gnome with xchat, firefox and a terminal window running.
  5. I both love and hate ebay, it's so addictive. I wish I had more money to throw away
  6. Dominic Armato is not a very nice man :~(
  7. Pfft, you don't want to go to disneyland, you want to go here instead.
  8. ptdc


    Not usually shot, but occasionally marooned if they didn't accept the outcome of the vote.
  9. Me sick, sad and twisted? I'm not the one locked round yufster's leg
  10. ptdc


    While we're on the subject of politics and such, did you know that pirates had democracy? Pirate captains as well as the destination were voted for by the crew. Fascinating, fact.
  11. *throws a bucket of water at Darth Groovy* Leg humping? Not on my watch!
  12. ptdc


    Communism works, in theory. Unfortunately all the implementations of communism have been terrible. Boo I say! BOOOO!
  13. "...Is there life on mars? Is there life on mars? Is there life in Peckham? Is there life in Peckham?..." But seriously, I think the real issue is where are the Martians hiding their weapons of mass destruction?
  14. MI1+2 Grim Fandango Icewind Dale Unreal Tournament 2003
  15. I can play a rubber band.
  16. I've only played Ocarina of Time, which was excellent so that's how I'm going to vote. I'll have to play some of the rest on emulators one day.
  17. Get a graphire 3. Now. Get me one while you're at it.
  18. It better not be another bloody star wars game.
  19. The shops are weird, the staff are always slighty too enthusiastic. The last games workshop I went into had a very odd smell. I've never played a game , I was mainly into it for the painting. There are just too many rules.
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