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  1. I like warhammer. Now go away you irritating little man.
  2. I did something much more amazing today, 15 times more amazing! I bought 15 first class stamps which will soon be attached to 15 first class envelopes containing 15 first class begging letters.
  3. Nonsense in this case is a matter of opinion, but of course I know I'm right. I'm athiest.
  4. I think I played it on the Acorn or Atari ST a long time ago. I'll be interested in seeing how they do the film. The screenplay may have been written before his death but it won't have much to say about visuals etc. Do you know who's directing it?
  5. One word: Disturbing. Oh, and what am I doing here, damn announcement.
  6. It would make more sense if she wasn't. I could get therapy and she'd disappear in a puff of logic. Psychonauts had better be released then because I still have this xbox and it's making me feel dirty
  7. When you're unemployed your weekend lasts 7 days.
  8. LF was down? I went outside, several times.
  9. It was the same as every night I spend sat infront of my computer except with more alcohol.
  10. We've only had one mars probe go missing and the US has had several go wrong. Also, we know the difference between imperial and metric.
  11. Pffft! Forget tolkien's birthday, yesterday was my birthday and of course I'm much more important. For one I'm alive and GAHHHHK! *splutter* *die*
  12. 1.Eat/drink/etc less. 2.Think/read/socialise/etc more. 3.Not die or if I do take everybody with me.
  13. custom title - don't have one. I haven't spammed/sucked up enough. avatar - Logo type thing for my site. sig image - I don't like sig images. sig - I don't like sigs much either. location - It's funny because it's true.
  14. Respect is earnt, now shut up.
  15. I got so much I'll have to dump some gold over the side of my ship to make room in the hold... anyway. I'm too lazy to list so see my livejournal
  16. Merry Crimbo, ye bastard yeh.
  17. ptdc

    Again eh?

    No doubt there'll be some more third rate monkey island sites. Boo I say, BOOOO! >
  18. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf should run Iraq!
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