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  1. Hmm, it makes me think about something: If there is really a movie (you talked about days ago), then, could this "poisoning"(in land of living) be as an opening of it? It's kind of... well, can't think up a word to describe the feeling... just like when you see some normal events in our world, at the begining, and it suddently turns to a whole scene of the grim underworld.... Haha, never mind, out of topic.....
  2. Maybe this "mass poisoning" was not executed by anyone but just an accident in that year, and so many people had already died. I remember at the begining of the game, memos sent from Don Copal said: "We have a mass poisoning on our hands", does it mean the agents of DOD always keep themselves updated to the Death News in the Land of Living, they are not only reapers but reapers in business, they can't just wait, they have to look for it, even have to steal..... I found the book about Catch-22, but in Chinese I can't find any local term with the same meaning of it, I have to do some explanation.
  3. So.... could it suggest that mass people have eaten bad cold Gazpacho and die from.... or maybe there were just some big accidents caused by Gazpacho back in that year? OH, I get the meaning! The "picking up" is NOT ALWAYS called "poisoning", it's just an event of accident! An accident of Gazpacho Poisoning happened in the land of living in the 1st year of the game! (I remember Eva ever said to Manny "the code three gazpacho poisoning") Now I know how to translate it correctly. Thanks, Elbiolin!
  4. I kept some of these words, like Catch-22, Chiwawa, Robert Frost.... and I will make notes for them, out of the game. But word like Thunder Boy or Tails Of Two Kittie seems too hard to explain, and if I explain too much, then some of our guys may not find it funny any more, so I have to replace them with local names plus: I still don't have an idea why them call "picking up people from Land Of Living" as "POISONING"? Is it because some of the Gazpacho is poisonous and kill them all? I have no good translation of this word but only a transliteration: "泊圣灵" (if you have a chinese font you can see it). It pronounces "Bo-Sheng-Ling" in Chinese, meaning "shipping then landing(Bo) good(Sheng) souls(Ling)", I wonder if this is what "POISONING" means.........
  5. In fact, this "silverblue" Guy is SPROUTED last year! And I'm the very ASSASSIN disguised as a custom official. Anyway, I have a solution now. I replace it with some Chinese Hot Shows during 2005~2006, that most Chinese people are familiar with. In English it is called "Super Vocal Girls" (of cause I made it into "Super Vocal Boys"). Thanks to Elbiolin's idea, really!
  6. OH, Thanks, I missed that "s" That's surely a good advice! Maybe I could also use some Chinese names to replace them! I also wonder how the Spanish Version that Yohein mentioned handles such American-culture-related words, cuz that is really a good way to learn translation.
  7. Green suit + Yellow hear.... is it the thunderbolt-demon-calling one?
  8. Hello everyone. I'm new here and I'm one of those guys who's been trying to turn GF into their own languages, and maybe this time is Chinese. The great difference between literature surely makes the translation quite a challenge. I have to do some research about names, items, quotes.....And this time I encounter this "Johnny Thunder" word that I'm not sure WHO after some digging. Could anybody tell me? I found 4 "Johnny Thunder": 2 are American comic heroes: one is in JSA, with a thunderbolt demon, and the other is a wild west gunslinger. http://www.answers.com/topic/jsastrangeadventures2-1-jpg another 2 are music artists: one is a famous dead punk-rock star and the other plays blue and rhythm. http://www.answers.com/topic/johnny-thunders http://www.johnnythunder.com
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