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  1. LETS SAY YOU WANT TO SPAWN LUKE, 1) You go to console by typing "shift" + "~". 2) Then you turn cheats on. either by typing "helpusobi1" or "devmap" either work in SP as I have found. 3) Type "npc spawn luke" (without the quotation marks) Then there he is. Standing in front of you. make sure you don't do this while next to a wall or looking down or something..because you can spawn them into a wall and they won't move. There is a list of NPCs somewhere in this forum. Funny times I used to go into the level "pit" in SP and spawn luke and a bunch of reborn and have Saber realistic combat on 3. We would hack through about 50 of them before we would get killed. But then I add more jedi and would have about 7 jedi vs 18 reborn.. (fps sucked sometimes, but not bad in 'pit') then we got done killing most of the reborn except one...and he was not facing me. I forced pulled him to me while his back was turned...little did I know that there was Jeditrainer right in front of him and he came flying at me. the reborn was pulled in my saber and flew off in two pieces while jedi trainer also went into my saber having his head cut off. As most of you know, if you kill a fellow jedi...you will be killed by any "allies" around you. So 5 jedi turned to me and all i heard was "Whos side are you on" and then a bunch of "argh!!" Luke got to me first, my head was off in a second and then my legs and my torso...then luke was taken on by the other 4 and and so on until the last two jedis killed each other. The jedi2 killing JediF and that dead jediF's lightsaber, still on, fell into her killer....all dead...histerical to watch. but the fights were awesome...
  2. I was wondering if maybe that during KOTOR you will have both point and click and movement control. I say this because of what i have mentioned many times. The different parts of the trailer you see him fighting other people that are not saber baring and animals...so maybe you only do the sort of "point and click" battling with the head guys. and maybe the JKII version when battling with other people JKII's saber control is not much different than from JKI just improved. The movement control is good. I guess thinking about it, it is just the types of swings and slashes that they assigned to each style that is what makes the sabering so slash and hack. what are some other options that people see as maybe be a better saber control system?
  3. I was wondering something razorace, you mentioned in my other thread 'Kotor and jkii sabering' that you can use jedi style 1.1 for SP...how do you do that!? I loaded the mod and tried to play it in SP but it didn't work.. please let me know what I need to do to try to get this to work...i played it in multiplayer, but I think it would be cool to see it used in SP thanks
  4. razorace, you are correct that the trailer is more like the original movies...and I see how JKII has the energy of the new ones...so maybe if we could just combined them..haha I guess I don't feel like i have that much control...even though you will think I am nuts...it is that I want to stab here...but what Kyle does is slash downward or something...it is frustrating. I am not going to sit here and say that I don't know how to kill someone, but the control on where I want to go isn't all there...it is there a little but not enough. I guess that is just what I want to see..more control! haha I don't think how any game will ever come close to what I want... but I see your idea about walking and no jumping. maybe not "no jumping" but "no force jumping" Because you can hop over sabers just fine. Maybe the saber action needs to be more flued and precises. I need to see each move..all i see when I fight Tavion is that she is twirling. I need to see that Kyle sees her slashing down so he blocks it...
  5. I agree that JO wasn't made to be like the movies...but was hyped to be the most like the movies..so i guess when I came into it I had high expectations. So it just failed my expectations. I do know that it is a RPG and I guess that is why I was hoping for better saber fights. Jk has awesome action and intense battling when you spawn 15 reborn and it is just you and your lightsaber...that is fun. So I yeah you are right Hellfye69, I did start this thread to compare so lets get back to doing that. I just got a little heated. haha. Sorry about the whole "read" thing..it is just this happenes alot and people get on each others backs just because they didn't read it all. So sorry for jumping to save myself. haha. funny stuff. I put g_sabercollision at "2" and SaberFirsttrace at 2....would that make a difference? Or do they just have 2 settings? 0 and 1? I guess I just like the intense feeling of having to parry and then react..the heat of the battle like in the movies...i say "in the movies" but I mean "real sabering" Scripted or not...the trailer DID look more like a movie shot..give me that atleast?. I am amazed that this thread has gone as far as it has...and i wis more people would give an opinion of what they think of the JKII sabering...
  6. I never said that JKII sucked because it doesn't. All I am saying is that I, not you, I would like a game that did have more Movie like fights. It is more realistic fighting. YOu can't tell me that you don't like watching Episode I when darth Maul and obi-wan go at it. But if you would rather hack at then that is your opinion. I said that there probably wouldn't be a game that would capture it. And I am not complaining..just stating something that I would like to see happen... man I wish people would READ what people write and not skim. What is the point of these threads if nobody reads!
  7. old ben i see you changed your icon...anywho, well said. They are different genres. I guess I am always waiting for Lucasarts to bring out a game that simulates you being able to be a jedi..walk around and relate to people, go on missions given to you by the jedi counsel and fight like jedi. Of course I have been watching these movies since I was 5 and I am now 20. I don't know if a game will ever really capture what it is like to be a jedi or have saber fights as fast and realistic as the movies...but they are getting closer. So when I saw the trailer I thought, "finally somone has put it back to what it is supposed to be...a close range fight." This game looks very promising and I just wish that maybe jedi Knight II would be a little more realistic..because you actually get to control Kyle which rocks. (In KOTOR you can make your own lightsaber..which is cool.) Who knows, maybe there will be a Jedi Knight III and we will get to be more of a jedi, relate with more popular star wars characters and wear a robe and not always have to go back and get your lightsaber back.. we will just start with it. heres hoping... maybe the next jedi knight will have Corran Horn as the main character...*crosses fingers* haha
  8. I started this thread to just see what people thought about the sabering in KOTOR vs JKII but it seems it has changed to a debate to whether KOTOR will be scripted and if we will have control or not. I just saw in the trailer that the saber fights looked alot more like the movie fights. Which I though JKII didn't accomplish. When people said that it was scripted...i went back and looked at the trailer and there is apart in the trailer where the "lead character" is being charged by some time of animal and he pulls out his lightsaber and swings once. He didn't fight it by a script..or it didn't seem that way. It seemd like there was someone controling how he swung...check it out and let me know what you think about that one. 43 sec 56 sec 57 sec....just look these over.
  9. thanks deetox, I did actually read that last night, i went on their forum to find out more. Does it really say that it will be point and click though? I don't want to prolong this more than it needs to be....but maybe I am just reading it wrong. Could you explain your idea of point and click? is that just pointing on the "bad guy" and you watch them fight? thanks for the patience in answering all my questions..i am just trying to figure this out...i have some time to burn between my summer classes...
  10. Explain why you believe it will be point and click? There is a scene where the guy is fighting a beast and it looks like it is mouse controlled like jkII...just the way he swings.... I don't know...I like the up close battles more...i havn't played a RPG since Space and Kings Quest back in the early early ninties when I was 11 and 12.
  11. Yeah I have been to those forums just to see if there were anymore information. Don't get me wrong, I love JediKnightII it is the only thing I play right now, but I guess I just wish the saber fighting was more up to par with the movies..that is just me. I am not trying to push KOTOR, I just think it will be pretty good and I wanted to see how everyone else saw the saber fighting in JKII.
  12. I see your point tree, but if you look at all of the trailer you will see the main character sabering a beast and a trooper of some sort and they look like the same moves....i doubt it will be scripted. It looks like it is going to be a different RPG...more loose.. I am getting the impression that most people don't like RPGs...though everyone is pumped about galaxies..but not about KOTOR..why? It is just interesting..because even JKII had a RPG part in it..with puzzles and a story line...
  13. Yes it is a RPG but are you sure that we won't have control of the saber? Though it is an RPG it seems like we ARE going to have alot of control...we get to make our own lightsaber for goodness sake... I don't want this to become an advertisment for KOTOR, i just thought I would get everyones opinion on the saber fighting in JKII and what they see in KOTOR..and what they perfer.
  14. I don't know if you all have watched the trailer for KOTOR but the saber fighting seems much better...when I say this I mean that it is more like the movies and more of a typical fight would be. People when they are fighting in real life do not go around slash left and right, the lightsaber is an elegant weapon and in JKII it is just a laser rod that we slash around and throw at each other. I like the gameplay but I think i am looking forward to either a mod for JKII or KOTOR to hopefully get more of a movie feel..because that is what we are all going for.. but it would be nice if somone made a saber mod.... let me know your thoughts.. at request...here is the lucasarts Knights of the old republic website..the trailer is there. http://www.lucasarts.com/products/swkotor/default.htm
  15. no problem, thanks for responding...some people don't seem to like to respond. just wondering if anyone had found one. I guess the question now is, what would make the sabers look better? More like the movies? Which movies? And what about them needs to be changed?
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