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  1. Been a long time guys... Just thought I'd come here to see what's up. Yeah so no more JK games huh? That sucks as I've been wanting the definitive saber game but it looks to be happening on the wii moreso than the PC which is sad. I think the JK series was probably the best I've played, even though I had a huge fit with the lack of first person saber duels in JA. Legendary flame wars inadvertently came from that, remember Kurgan? Anyway, it's cool to see where the modders have ended up. Some guys work in the game business now too and this is where they all started, with mods and maps and stuff. Well gotta go to bed. Hopefully somewhere down the line we'll hear an announcement of a new game. I think KOTOR mmo is a good start but I want an offline experience that mirrors what they're doing. Don't know if we'll see that happen. Only in my dreams I suppose. Aight, later dudes
  2. Yeah, the Empire had up to tech 4 because they were using Tech 4 vehicles such as the anti-air speeder vehicle but I was still prevented from advancing. The devs need to fix this in their next patch.
  3. I had the droids steal tech early on in the game. I got to a point where I couldn't steal anymore tech, however because I know you can steal speeders but for some reason they weren't available yet the Empire was able to progress over to tech 4. I guess the devs should take a look at this.
  4. Well for me, I think the pre-placed buildings kind of take away from some of the strategy. I think that part of a strategy game, especially an RTS, is about placement of your buildings and structures so that if the enemy somehow gets inside your base, you are able to dispatch them quickly with minimal to no loss. Also I didn't like the fact that I couldn't build more turrets and mining structures. I think you should be able to build as many turrets as you think you need in order to maximize your defensive position should the enemy get the upper hand as well as mining structures to maximize your amount of money. I do see what the devs were trying to accomplish with the focus being more on combat, but it feels like less than the total package without the building and resource management. Also I think units should get a veterancy bonus for having survived a battle or taking out a number of units. Also the pop cap is a setback if you have a concrete strategy in mind but cant capitalize because you brought in more infantry than you needed.
  5. Well not everyone has a DVD or CD-ROM drive. They had the CD or DVD option to buy with Battlefront 2. I opted for the DVD because I didn't want to eject disc after disc. I would think LA would be smart enough to accomodate everyone dont you?
  6. From what I understand, there is a DVD version, though I suppose it's up to the store you buy it from or whomever it was ordered.
  7. Well in my experience playing with past RTS games, such as Dune, Westwood before being bought out by EA, did have some good support for the community with patches and whatnot. I'm hoping the same can be said now they are with LA. So far the game is shaping up to be one of the best RTS's out there.
  8. for those wanting a Clone Wars expansion, go here: http://www.imperialassault.com
  9. When I initally played, the Empire took out all my fighters. I wanted to retreat but I couldn't so I just had Han and Chewie take out the fleet which took forever. Will this feature be implemented in the final game?
  10. Well that's the problem, I haven't done any skin editing or levels for around 3 years now so my game knowledge is slim to none. I was never good at skins to be truthful. I did make many unreleased maps but I don't think that's gonna help much here.
  11. http://img469.imageshack.us/img469/825/shot00002je.jpg
  12. I'm using a first person mod someone came up with a while back. It works for the most part but one thing that really annoys me is that you can still see the legs and torso when you look down from the view. I took a look at the .skin file and I couldn't figure out what I needed to change in order to make the legs and torso disappear, can someone point me in the right direction? hips,models/players/kyle/kyle_legs.tga hips_torso,models/players/kyle/kyle_torso.tga r_leg,models/players/kyle/kyle_legs.tga r_leg_cap_hips_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_leg,models/players/kyle/kyle_legs.tga l_leg_cap_hips_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga hips_belt,*off torso,*off torso_l_shoulder,*off torso_r_shoulder,*off r_arm,models/players/kyle/kyle_torso.tga r_hand,models/players/kyle/basic_hand.tga r_hand_wrist,models/players/kyle/kyle_torso.tga r_hand_cap_r_arm_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga r_arm_cap_r_hand_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga r_arm_cap_torso_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_arm,models/players/kyle/kyle_torso.tga l_hand,models/players/kyle/basic_hand.tga l_hand_wrist,models/players/kyle/kyle_torso.tga l_hand_cap_l_arm_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_arm_cap_l_hand_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga l_arm_cap_torso_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga torso_shoulder_pad,*off torso_collar,*off head,*off head_face,*off head_cap_torso_off,*off head_eyes_mouth,*off torso_cap_head_off,*off torso_cap_hips_off,*off torso_cap_l_arm_off,*off torso_cap_r_arm_off,*off hips_cap_l_leg_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga hips_cap_torso_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga hips_cap_r_leg_off,models/players/stormtrooper/caps.tga
  13. I know some guys over at the Gametoast forums are working on getting cockpit views for all vehicles into the game. From what I've seen they have a pretty good speeder bike and BARC speeder view. It also looks like they're taking reference from other Star Wars games to make cockpits for the X-wing, snow speeder, and the A-wing. Hopefully we'll be able to use these in MP, as it is a control feature. If not SP will be fine on its own as I don't play much MP anyways. EDIT: Whoops!! Here's a link: http://gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=2611&sid=e2aef201c091a0392801eb5d67838ecd
  14. That's true, but at the time I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. This was more of a "I have nothing else to buy with my money" game. But for BF3 (if there is one), I won't buy it unless they do something amazing. The same engine isn't gonna cut it a third time.
  15. The thing about jedi Academy is that it had memory leaks. Sure the system requirements are low but those same requirements attached to half life make for a better overall game and experience. Plus half life 2 didn't have memory leaks and ran smooth. Quake 3 looks dated, no gamer or critic worth his salt would give another quake 3 engine game higher than a 7/10 score now, especially the more scrutinizing ones, namely me. Especially in the sales department. Why would anyone want to go back and have outdated graphics and models that use low polygon counts? Sure the game is good for modding now but I think the best way to go with a Star Wars game now is forward.
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