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  1. glibc-2.7 is too new for RHEL 5 and CentOS 5. These support glibc-2.5. What is the kind of the OS development environment? Or we need just source.
  2. Good. I'll do it, my master. I can't wait the fix.
  3. Oops, you right. Glibc version is 2.3.6 in my present environment.
  4. And I noticed my server don't output Warning Message with 0.0.9t official beta binary. Warning message is "Crap! The last entry scanner in RemoveFirstOpenList?() totally failed." https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/ojp/ticket/202
  5. I don't know the reason that server crash is linux bugs or OJP code. Isn't there problem in C++ pointer ? Okay, I will try running without TABBots. Let me know how to disable TABBots (in cvar ?).
  6. I have two or more environments. gcc is v.3.4.6 in present server, but I have never built the binary due to this bug,
  7. Very thanks for your quick reply. This bug is always happen in my environment. Following log is "g_log" output (I dunno "qconsole.log").
  8. This thread is branch from, http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=174838 And bug trac ticket is in, https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/ojp/ticket/218 to Razor, I had tracked this critical bug. Following reporting, I overlooked it. In 0.0.9t(from compiled "LatestOJPEnhancedBeta.zip"), I'm getting spam error "Can't load ROFF file (null)" and finally crashed. But that error occurs in only map mp/ffa4 and mp/ffa5. Error does not occur in map mp/ffa1,2, and 3 without server crash. Any idea?
  9. The "ROFF" error is not found in error log. I'm interested in your linux environment. Let me know your Linux distribution(+version), and kernel version ?
  10. Okay, Hockney. First, I copied and overwrote your source to OJP-original source (the latest revision at that time was rev334 which includes g_crash.c). And changed following your source (I changed nothing in g_crash.c), Finally, I compiled your source successfully without error. But that dedicated server is crashed with segmentation fault error. https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/ojp/ticket/218 In addition, I cheked in latest SVN source rev370, but same crash error. I can't wait bug fix, Razor.
  11. following are my opinion. In high priority, For novice users, our OJP document should include more clear difference from "original JKA" to "latest OJP". (A present document has only latest changelog) following proposal of elements, - OJP concept - Saber combat manual - Experience system - Mercenaries - Source build manual - ToDo(target in the future) And of course, latest changelog is needed for veteran user. I welcome web-based document. It is necessary to always contain the latest specification in an online document. In low priority, we should correspond to multi languages ?? Yes, I will prepare a Japanese document. These are trifling opinion from me.
  12. Okay, Hockney. I changed your disabled debug code to enabled in your source. Those comment out are in g_local.h, g_main.c. (It should not disable, I think ) And I could see crash log... Maybe it is same error with original rev334 (My ticket #218). https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/ojp/ticket/218
  13. Razor, happy new revision !! I can build and try rev 335. But crashed. Any idea?
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